Advantages and Disadvantages of Globalisation : Report

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Contemporary ThemesAS2 Report
Week 2: What are the advantages/disadvantages of globalisation?Workshop Booklet: Contemporary Themes 2016-17Page1Advantages (125 words)Disadvantages (125 words)Globalisation is quite advantageous as it aidsin exchange of products, service offering aswell as ideas on a global level that helps topromote positive relations (Rodrik, 2017). Itfurther has a huge potential to bring areduction in poverty on account of resourcesharing and availability of raw materials atlow cost. Smith (2017) is further of the viewpoint that the process of globalisationincreases understanding of different culturesthereby ensuring that barriers are broken thatonce kept people divided. Cohen (2018) feelsthat one of the biggest advantages ofglobalisation is that there is a reduced chanceof war between nations due to presence ofgood relations between them. The processalso causes Competitive pressures on lessdeveloped nations by which there is improvedgovernance (Lee, 2014).The process of globalisation leads to a decreaseinenvironmental integrity as firm fromdeveloped nations may take advantage of theweak regulations in less developed countries(Baylis and, 2017). The process hasfurther ben found to cause unemployment indeveloped nations as firm move there factoriesin those countries were cheap labor is available(Cleaveland and, 2016). On a health front,it has been found by Potrafke (2015) thatglobalization has increased the changes bywhich human, animal and plant based infectionand diseases can spread quickly from one toother nation. For example, the trade relations ofEurope with Asia as well as Africa haveexposed the countries to diseases like smallpox, TB and measles (Hay and Marsh, 2016).References: Put your references on the last page
Week 3: CSR is effective/ineffective at improving the world?Workshop Booklet: Contemporary Themes 2016-17Page2Effective (125 words)Ineffective (125 words)CSR has been quite effective in improving theworld as they make sure that environment isnot harmed in any manner (Stone, 2015). Thisin on account of investment in machines andtechnology that reduce the carbon footprint. Itfurther gives a chance to company by whichthere is an increased use ofrenewable energyin its operations.Accroding to Papagiannis (2017) the concepthas also assisted in finding solutions to globalchallenges such as education, energy, climatechange etc. For example, many companies aremaking their research and development strongso that green technologies can be inventedand brought forth in the market (Hopkins,2017). This technique is being done as part ofCSR initiative which will not only benefit thefirm but also the society at large (Kulkarni,2015).Singh (2010) states that the very idea about theCSR activities done by the company willbenefit the entire society do not stand true. Theactivities are just done to build up a goodimage in front of the people and have nothingto do with improving the world at large. If thiswas really the case then governments ofdifferent nations would not have stressed somuch on acting responsibility in the businesspractices (Jammulamadaka, 2015). Even ifexecutives carrying out CSR wanted to forgosome profits to benefit the society then theywill surely lose the jobs and would be replacedby others. This is as the sole aim and toppriority of any company is to earn profits(Rahman, 2017).References: Put your references on the last page
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