Contemporary Wound Management Strategy Research Report

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5.Discussone(1) contemporary wound management strategy for any woundpatient. Support your answer with evidence-based research. This could bea new dressing, vac systems, maggot or honey therapy or ANY new woundstrategy. Give both the advantages and disadvantages of your chosentherapy.A contemporary wound management strategy includes Negative-pressure would therapy(NPWT) which is more commonly known as vac or vacuum dressing systems. It is usedfor promoting healing in cases of chronic or acute wounds. It is also used in cases ofsecond and third degree burns[ CITATION Ape08 \l 1033 ]. It makes use of sub-atmospheric pressures for local wounds by a sealed woulddressing connected vacuumpump. The technique is immensely useful in cases of diabetic ulcers along with openabdominal wounds as laparotomy. It can highly promote wound healing by making use ofsealed dressing techniques. Drawing out fluids from wounds significantly increases bloodflows to the area, then vacuum continually applied continuously depending on nature ofthe wound. IT requires dressings being done two to three times per week. It makes use ofopen-cell foam dressing along with gauze to seal an occlusive dressing to containing thevacuum wound site.7.Whatnursing interventionscould you put into place to assist Mr. Joneswith the location of his wound, mobility and elimination.Mr. Jones will be provided good skin hygiene as a nursing intervention for assisting withwound location, elimination and mobility. Washing thoroughly the spot and patting skindry, thereby maintaining clean skin would reduce risks from infections and risks ofdermal trauma to the fragile skin. He will need to be given adequate fluids along with anutritious diet that would help him to recover from the wound at a fast pace. He will needto be moved every two hours and should not lie in a position supine for a prolongedperiod of time[ CITATION Bar086 \l 1033 ]. In thetoilet also he needs to maintain properhygiene by wiping from front to back. He needs to be encouraged to undertake simulatenormal mobility and he also needs to be aware regarding site of a growing infection. Heneeds to be taught ways and means to tackle such infection to prevent its further growth.
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