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Report on Content Analysis of Fox News Channel and Al Jazeera

Added on - 01 Apr 2020

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Content Analysis of Fox News Channeland Al JazeeraStudent Name:Student ID:Subject Name: International Television and BeyondSubject ID: ICOM201Date Due:Professor Name:1|P a g e
IntroductionNews channels around the world provides news feeds as well as information that are circulatedthrough newspapers and other social media channels[ CITATION Mes11 \l 1033 ].The scope of thisreport does content analysis for Fox News and Al Jazeera by discussing the two websites. Theirsimilarities and dissimilarities are analysed from evidences found in their website. Fox News(FNC) is an American cable and satellite television news channel that is owned by FoxEntertainment Group. the channel is available across various countries of the world. Al Jazeera isan Aberian news channel based from Qatar. The news channel is broadcasted around the world,recently it has started various other channels as well. A television news is conveyed in words, onthe other hand a news website writes news and includes videos and other necessary documents inthem[ CITATION Pow091 \l 1033 ]. Qualitative analysis ofa news is established by way of variousanalytical units that starts with a aim of a particular goal. In this case news regarding recentfloods in Pakistan has been selected for the purpose of analysis.Method of Data CollectionIn order to arrive at the content analysis for this report data has been primary collected formwebsites of the two newspapers[ CITATION Col111 \l 1033 ]. Observation from print outs of pagesof the newspaper has also been a data collection method for this study.A content analysis forwritten content is mostly undertaken for understanding conveying of language, tone, politicalalliance, symbolic codes, views regarding recording of such news and so on. News channelsrelies on various symbolic codes with objects that journalists make use off. A qualitative matrixof analysis depicts juxtaposition of all message elements with foundation for religious wholisticaccounts[ CITATION Kri12 \l 1033 ].2|P a g e
AnalysisNews regarding Pakistani floods had spread across lengths and breadths of social mediaattracting global attention. Pakistan located on the conjunctions of five rivers experiencestremendous amounts of floods especially from cloud bursts. Cloud burst has significantlyincreased in the area affecting large masses of their population[ CITATION www17142 \l 1033 ]. FoxNews as well as Al Jazeera reported the news on their websites with video feeds. Bothhighlighted the cause of such floods and damages to lives as well as property that it had caused.Fox news correspondent posted aphotographic footage that depicted several houses that wereaffected from the flood conditions and people’s living conditions in the place. Fox news hadprimarily its focus on the government blaming, it interviewed various people’s point of viewexamining inefficiency of the government in attending to misfortunes of people. The channelwrite up primarily criticized the situation in the country to tackle such form of naturalcalamity[ CITATION Ada101 \l 1033 ]. Therewere little reference to what could have actuallycaused the flooding situation. The channel has its orientation to the American soil, with profoundanalysis done in English language, its criticism efforts are unmatched and similar to otherWesternized issues. The issue heading was “South Asia monsoon flooding kills 1,200, displacesmillions”. The issue was more concentrated in South-Asia rather than analysing its issue intypical to Pakistan floods[ CITATION www17143 \l 1033 ].Al Jazeera highlighted the news regarding Pakistani floods in its newspaper as well as on socialmedia with primary focus on damages that it has done in that area and neighboring areas. Thenews channel has more cultural orientation to Pakistan can easily be made out from its videofootage that highlights primarily crops fields and vacant spaces. The headings for the website onthe issue was “Flash floods in Pakistan kill over 40 people”. The issue had its focus on torrentialrain that caused havoc in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province. Al Jazeera rather than comparing andincluding flood situation in entire of South-Asia was more interested in Pakistan, which reflectsits political affiliations or interest in the country[ CITATION Ush13 \l 1033 ]. The written newsdepicts relatively good control over English butnot American accent. The English used is moregeneral with no use of British or antecedent. Al Jazeera being Qatar based news media has morepolitical alliance to Pakistan as compared to Fox News. It primarily highlighted the ways inwhich floods have increased in Pakistan, destructions that it has caused and so on. Correspondent3|P a g e
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