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Website - Beer Myths and Party Beers

Added on -2019-09-25

About Beers (more information) Party Beers – There are beers classified according to the arties and the cost expenditure in parties, we will study more about these on personas when we see how people look at the beer for parties. Health and other uses of beers - There are many diseases that can be prevented by the intake of beer, heart diseases are most popular among them. Common Beers- Instead of parties, or health issues, beer is mostly used a common drink among friends gathering . Beer
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Content StudyBeer is used in many ways. We have a huge number of following who love beer in their day to day life. There have been many quotes on the beer by great people. Which we can show in our webpage.After the quotes we will show the best beers, to be chosen. These are some related content that will be shown in website. Other content to be shown are:-1.Beer myths- To know about beer, for those who love to explore more.2.About Beers (more information)3.Party Beers – There are beers classified according to the arties and the cost expenditure inparties, we will study more about these on personas when we see how people look at thebeer for parties.4.Health and other uses of beers - There are many diseases that can be prevented by theintake of beer, heart diseases are most popular among them. We will study how people lookat then at the perspective of health.5.Common Beers- Instead of parties, or health issues, beer is mostly used a common drinkamong friends gathering . Beer is like day to day beverage to be used among people. Forthese people we have special section so that they can choose some common beers.6.History of Beers – This section is for those who love to know more about beers.In total including quotes on beers section and also best beers, we have in total 8 topics to behighlighted in the webpage. Now we will go through the personas and decide which section shouldbe preferred first on webpage. In this way we will decide the structure of the website. We have-These all content and need to connect then in a better way to design the website.Personas
We have different types of personas towards beer. It depends on person to person and time to timehow we use beer and how much we get used to it. There can be different roles of beer in differentoccasions, such as royalty in parties, or remembrance among group of friends. Also we will seefurther how beer helps patients to prevent heart diseases. Three different personas can be seenbelow:-1.Parties- It is a tradition among people, to keep beer as a priority when some party is goingon. The expensiveness of beer in a party depends upon the party and the expendituresdone. Beers have been classified into lists, for the best suitable of parties. Beers areclassified according to the popularity, style of beer and the individuals tastes points. Nothingcan be much better than this, having a bowl and hanging out with friends, but it can beworse when throwing a party and choosing wrong kind of beer. When it comes to costs ofbeers in the party. It can be seen that a cheaper quality of beer will use less expensive hops,in the process of brewing, and will also use a cheaper method for fermentation. Evenpackaging is compromised according to the budget. For a high quality prime processescomes into play. Fermenting, filtering, malting, mashing and packaging of the product, allthese steps are monitored carefully. Beers are considered to be proud of parties among thepeople.2.Gathering of friends – Beer is not a drink which I only to be used as party drink. But for dailypurposes, this drink has been considered a great deal among friends. People gather aroundnormally without any special occasion and enjoy the taste of beer among themselves. Beerhas taken a daily routine for these people. Whenever people wants to celebrate somethingor to be happy, they have a beer. Beer is like a necessary food for them. Benjamin has alsostated that “Beer is proof that God loves us and wants us to be happy”. This shows that Beerby Benjamin has been considered to be the mate in happiness. 3.Patient – Beer can also be used for some of the problems occurring in health. It is used toprevent disease of heart. Also for circulatory systems, beer is considered to be good. Beer isalso used to prevent hardening of arteries, heart failures, strokes, and heart attacks. Theintake of beer, reduces chances of death from heath attack up to some extent. There is aheart condition called ischemic left ventricular (LV), beer is used to reduce chances of deathfrom this condition. Not only heart diseases, nut for the people getting aged, beer is used toprevent the declining of mind i.e decline of thinking skills in aged life. Patient think as godproduct to beer when it comes to prevent heart disease. As beer increases the high-densitylipoprotein (HDL), also known as good cholesterol. By seeing from the view of patient beercan help the up to an extent.New Information ArchitectureAs we see in our personas, we our focusing on the people who may look for the beers for theirparties, or for the health purpose or for the regular basis. We need to include all these factors on thehomepage, so that when a user comes to website, on homepage itself he/she finds the best suitablebeer category or content for them. Homepage will first consist of the slideshow which is ourpremium presentation of the website. This is showcase of first page. After this we show some of thebest beers. This section is uniquely represented for those people who are concerned about the beersand want to explore for the best beers among all. To represent 8 related content i.e1.Quotes (In form od slideshow)2.Best Beers (Top rated)3.Beer Myths
4.About Beers (more information)5.Party Beers6.Health and other uses of beers7.Common Beers8.History of BeersWe have come up with new architectural design, which not only suits the requirement but also givea new look and fancy design to the website. We have used slideshow to represent the quotes forbeer. To show best beers, images have been used. As they are to be focused. And to show otherrelated information, card layout is used. Card layout is the new design look for informational pieces.The tree diagram for all these contents (nodes) can be represented as:Navigation

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