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CONTENTSPART 1. INTRODUCTION.. 31.1THE URGENCY OF THIS STUDY (TÍNH CẤP THIẾT)31.1.1People have a tendency to search information on social networking sitesbefore travelling31.1.2People cannot get worth information while there are too many bloggersnowadays, including food bloggers41.2RESEARCH PROBLEM DEFINING.. 51.2.1Marketing problem defining. 51.2.2Study problem defining. 51.3OBJECTIVE OF THE RESEARCH.. 61.4RESEARCH QUESTION.. 61.5OBJECT AND SCOPE OF THE RESEARCH.. 61.5.1Research object61.5.2Research scope. 6PART 2. LITERATURE REVIEW... 62.1WHO ARE FOOD BLOGGERS?. 72.2FOOD BLOGGERS ON INSTAGRAM... 82.3PREVIOUS RESEARCH.. 9PART 3. MODEL AND HYPOTHESES. 113.1HYPOTHESIS. 113.1.1Inspiring taste desire. 12
3.1.2Forming taste awareness. 133.1.3Personal characteristics. 143.2PROPOSED RESEARCH MODEL.. 16PART 4. METHODOLOGY.. 174.1RESEARCH PROCESS. 174.1.1Research process. 174.1.2Timeline. 184.2DATA COLLECTION.. 184.2.1Research approach. 184.2.2Data collection method. 194.2.3How to collect data. 194.2.4Questionnaire (enclosed file)204.3Sampling method. 204.4Research budget21PART 1. INTRODUCTIONThis part introduces the subject of the study. This part also builds up thestatement of the problem and research questions. It will explain why it isnecessary to research this topic and what research questions of this study willanswer. This chapter of the research includes three main sections: a section onthe statement of the problem which will give information about the specificproblem, background and need related to the problem, the focus of the study,research questions and what questions the research proposes to answer, andother important sections.
1.1THE URGENCY OF THIS STUDY (TÍNH CẤP THIẾT)1.1.1People have a tendency to search information on socialnetworking sites before travellingToday, tourism has become an indispensable demand in social life anddeveloped rapidly all around the world. Young people, especially students, whohas the biggest proportion of leading the trend, always update and accesseverything quickly from eating, playing, and even travelling. It can be observedthat the various channels of information can be noticed, more and more youngpeople like travelling, and that young people create new trends in tourismmakes tourism products increasingly diverse.According to statistics from WeareSocial and Hootsuite in 2019, 94 per cent ofusers in Vietnam surf the Internet daily (We Are Social & Hootsuite, 2020).Besides, Statcounter reported that the number of people over the world usingInstagram was about 8.54% in March 2020, with increasing over 6% in last 7months and this data for Vietnam was 1.85%. We can see that social media -especially Instagram are gradually becoming popular with Internet users. As animagery-based application, Instagram has enabled millions of users to sharephotos from their own adventures. Posts can be shared widely or with pre-approved followers.A majority of visitors have very little knowledge of the destination on their firsttrip, therefore that many people tend to check reviews and information, compareprices on social platforms is extremely essential. For those who love travellingand cuisine, they certainly will be familiar with the existence of food bloggers.New research from has found that 64 per cent of travellers arechoosing their next travel destination based on its food and drink options. Foodbloggers as social media marketing especially in Instagram, used to provide
reviews about culinary products.The existence of food bloggers is believed tohelp students to choose eating places that be appropriate to the needs of ones.There has been research on how social media, user-generated content andelectronic word-of-mouth affect consumers behaviour and travel planning, but afew of them study the relation between Instagram and consumers behaviourbefore their travels. On the other hand, there are many articles and blog posts onInstagram for travel planning, but do people actually use them for the givenpurpose and do they have an influence on their choices?1.1.2People cannot get worth information while there are toomany bloggers nowadays, including food bloggersFood has always been a social thing that brings people together, but with theadvent of the internet and, more specifically, online food influencers, the waysin which we experience food and all its possibilities have changed. Nowadays,social media are inseparable from the life of the broad majority of younggeneration. Sites like Facebook, Twitter, TripAdvisor, Instagram and Pinterestplay a crucial role in many young people’s daily life. Therefore, people todayhave access to information much easier than before. However, this developmentleads to a large number of bloggers, including food bloggers. Each food bloggerhas his or her own ideas or comments about eating places which they havevisited. With such a huge amount of food rating information, it's hard for usersto find places to eat and drink that are right for themselves.In conclusion, with these figures, it shows that Instagram is becoming moreinfluential to tourists. In particular, it is impossible not to mention about foodblogger - those who have a influence on the choice of places to eat and drinkfor tourists. So why is food blogger becoming more popular and such a touristtrend? What are the characteristics of an food blogger to travelers' diningoptions? In this study, we aim to find answers to these problems.
1.2RESEARCH PROBLEM DEFINING1.2.1Marketing problem definingConcerning a report of market research firm Euromonitor, between 2014 and2019, Vietnam’s food and beverage service (F&B) market grew at an averagerate of 18% per year. According to experts’ forecast, by 2023, the F&Bindustry’s revenue could double, reaching 408 billion USD and continue togrow further as the middle class in Vietnamese society is increasing. Althoughthere are few barriers to entry F&B market, the elimination rate is rapid[NT1] .(VietNam, 2019) So it is a big challenge for businesses. To maintain prosper,businesses have to be flexible in developing products and services, especiallycan not fail to mention the appropriate and judicious marketing campaigns.Today, the development of information technology and the media has had asignificant impact on the F&B industry. In particular, as food bloggers becomethe new influencers of the food industry, many restaurant management wastaking this opportunity by inviting some food bloggers in purpose to reviewtheir restaurant. The restaurant management expects that food bloggers can helpthem to raise awareness of their brand to customers or even increasing theirsales through food bloggers. So what are the factors of food bloggers impactmost on customers’ food selection? That’s a problem which make businessesalways confused.1.2.2Study problem definingResearching“The factors of Food Bloggers on Instagram that affectstudents' food selections when travelling”tocheck the factors that customers
are most interested in and find correlations between these ones and customerdecisions.1.3OBJECTIVE OF THE RESEARCHThis study aims at investigating factors of food bloggers on Instagram thataffects student’s food selections when traveling and evaluating the influentiallevels of these ones on student’s food selections when traveling. On the otherhand, based on the influential levels, this research will supply information tofood bloggers in order to help them know the factors which students areinterested in most and develop their own work.1.4RESEARCH QUESTION·What are the factors of food bloggers on Instagram affecting students’food selections when they travel?·How do these factors impact on students’ food selections?1.5OBJECT AND SCOPE OF THE RESEARCH1.5.1Research objectBuilding a model of the factors of food bloggers on Instagram that affectsto students’ food selections when travelling.1.5.2Research scopeContent: The thesis focused on studying the model of the factors of foodbloggers on Instagram that affect students’ food selections when travelling.Scope: This study focuses on students who are studying at Da NangUniversity of Economics.
Time: This research will be carried out from May to June 2020.PART 2. LITERATURE REVIEWThis section of this research is about the review of literature from previousstudies connected to this research. It also provides a background informationabout some factors related to food selection decision and their impact onstudents. Thus, it will help readers understand the multiple concepts relatedresearcher’s foundation for gathering and analysing data.2.1WHO ARE FOOD BLOGGERS?According to“Food blogger Instagram: Promotion through socialmedia”, someone who shares and writes about food in a blog is known as a foodblogger. In addition, food bloggers not only use blogs as their media to sharebut also social media such as Instagram which is a social media to share photosonline, which later it becomes one of the food bloggers tools to share.Foodbloggers are made by someone who is interested in cooking or trying new foodseither by cooking themselves or visiting a place that has a variety of differentand unique foods.With regarding“Food Blogger Review on Instagram as an Alternativefor Helping Consumer Purchase Decision”, Food bloggers are widely knownby the public and have large followers so they have the ability to influenceothers or as influencers.According to“The impact of food blogger toward consumer’s attitudeand behavior in choosing restaurant”, in fact, food bloggers also have aspecialization in their topic about food. Some food bloggers have a hobby incooking; therefore, they share food recipes and put the food they had cooked onthe blog. Some others like to do culinary travel, and then they decided to share
their experience of having delicious meals in great new places or restaurantsthrough blog as well.In the opinion of Lofgren (2013), food bloggers are people who promoteand share information about specific foods, restaurants, chefs, and recipes.L. Robinson assumed that the person who did the food blogging is knownas a food blogger. Food bloggers tend to write about travel and restaurantsincluding home personal food diaries and their own recipes (The art of foodblogging)In summary, food bloggers are people who write and share informationabout the food such as recipes, culinary travel, restaurants or experiences ofhaving delicious meal through blogs or social media.2.2FOOD BLOGGERS ON INSTAGRAMThe impact of digital development is more happening at the businesslevel rather than on its food processing business. As a result, the utilization ofsocial media such as Instagram is so very popular. Promotion through foodblogger on Instagram social media in the eyes of respondents as a whole is inthe position of good category. This shows that promotion through food bloggeron Instagram social media can be a tool which can be used by restaurantbusiness actors in doing business promotion.(Food Blogger Review onInstagram as an Alternative for Helping Consumer Purchase Decision)Nowadays, Instagram has become a popular way for consumers to sharetheir lives with others and for brands to share their products with consumers.Instagram is a perfect place for food bloggers to promote and share their workas it’s all about gorgeous photography, visuals, discovery and inspiration.(Foodblogs on Instagram)
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