Leadership Style, Management Practice and Organisation Culture

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Context of business
INTRODUCTIONWhile setting upcompany, owner needsto build a good organisation culture, managementpractices and leadership style that motivates employees in achieving organisational goal (Bell,Bryman and Harley, 2018).Study containsevolution of H&M and how leadership style,management practice and organisation culture affects business functions and strategies of H&Mcompany. Further study recommends that how H&M should improve its strategies andmanagement practices improving employee performance and profitability of company.PROJECT 2History and summary of companyBackground:H&M isfirst shop opened in Vasteras andestablished in 1947.It was firstnamed “hennes” which mean “hers” in Sweden because it sold only womensware. In 1968Persson acquires “Maurtiz widforss” and changed name to “Hennes & Maurtiz”. This has shownthe wide range of products of company.Shortly after merger H&M began to expand outsideSweden. Nordiac countries of Denmark and Norways were the first to open H&M internationalbranches.. In 1980-1999 H&M expanded globally in Germany, Austria, Netherlands, France andmany others. In 2006 H&M expanded in online shopping named hm.com in Europe (Iivari andet.al., 2016). In 1990s H&M created buzz and generated massive following from customerswhich makes company confident in booking supermodels for advertising. H&M opened the firststore in US on 31stmarch 2000, in new york on fifth avenue to start expansion outside Europe. In2008firmannounced selling of home furniture which was initially done through online and nowthere are stores internationally located. An attempt to reduce damage from garment production inenvironment, company has taken in initiative and launched a wide range of garments fromrecyclable materials in 2010 as H&M conscious.H&M was committed to reduce waste and preserve environment by their apparelcollection which was started in 2013. Company give discounts and vouchers to the customer whodonate their used clothes in any H&M store, the clothes were recycled and new clothes arecreated to achieve goal of eco-friendly environment (Kew and Stredwick, 2016).Apart from all these efforts company has launched H&M foundation (a non-profitinstitution) to improve the standard and lifestyle of the nations worldwide and implementpositive change. The foundation has 4 goals : provide education to children, womenempowerment, giving clean water in poor areas, educating every individual about eco-concious.1
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