The Business Ethics: Essay

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Context of business individualessay
INTRODUCTIONBusiness refers to firm and economic system where the services and products are to beexchanges for another or for the money. Business ethics is in the form of the applied ethicswhich help in evaluate principles related to morals as well as ethics which can be arise inbusiness environment. It is apply to all the necessary aspects of the business that is conductedand also relevant to the conduct of people and whole firm. Inn this report will be discuss aboutthe impact of CSER on leadership in organisation.MAIN BODYThe business ethics is form of the professional and applied ethics that examined moralissues and ethical principles which can be risen in the business environment. Ethics is relatedwith the moral judgements regarding wrong and right. It is helpful in attracting consumers toproducts of company in terms of enhancing sales as well as profit level. It makes the staffmembers to stay with business, minimize labour turnover and enhance productivity (Aguinis andGlavas, 2012). It is necessary for a firm to follow all the ethical considerations in business andalso adhere to corporate social responsibility principles in global business context. In businessapproach, Corporate social responsibility helps in give contribution to sustainable developmentby giving environmental, economic and social benefits for all stakeholders. It is necessary forfirm to manage sustainably, behave ethically and manage responsibly in context to social,environmental, cultural and economic issues. It is a responsibility of nay business to manage thesustainability of business and follow ethics in order to reduce the negative impact fromenvironment, economy, social and culture. Business have responsibility for developing and maintaining healthy environment. Itshould take the responsibility for actions as society part. Businesses have responsibility tocommunities welfare as well as societies under which they operate their business. In relation tosocial responsibility, it is an ethical framework and suggest an entity that has an obligation to actfor society benefit at large (Cheng, Ioannou and Serafeim, 2014). The social responsibility isduty of each person and organisation to perform for maintain the balance among economy andeco- system. It is helpful in sustain the business for long period of time at market place. For anexample- Tesco company conduct the fund raising, charity for cause as well as promoting theeducation. It provides 1% pretax profit to charity in the form of donations and gifts. 1

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