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Essay on Christ Centered Worldview

Added on - 04 May 2020

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Running head: CONTOURS OF A BIBLE-BASED, CHRIST-CENTERED WORLDVIEWContours of a Bible-based, Christ-centered WorldviewName of the StudentName of the UniversityAuthor Note
1CONTOURS OF A BIBLE-BASED, CHRIST-CENTERED WORLDVIEWIntroductionThe topic of this essay centers on the topic of worldviews. The basic or preliminarynotion about the worldviews is the factor that it is a set of beliefs that are fundamental in thedaily lives. The framework of the worldviews is very much evident according to the notion of thehuman minds. The worldviews are very much in relation to the basic beliefs of the human mindsand they are largely unquestioned in most of the times. The concept of lives will have to beaccording to the system (Sire 2009).The worldviews are not that much interconnected with thephilosophical thoughts. If the worldviews can be studied properly, the strengths, weaknesses,positivity and negativity can be brought out with intensive effects. The cultural and historicaldevelopment of a society and a nation is very much dependent on it. The worldviews are verymuch important for the development of the human beings in common. The concept of theworldviews lie deep in the minds of the human self and they try to bring out the things within thehearts of the human beings. These worldviews are the basic foundations on the basis of whichthe human beings live (Sire 2009)Worldview 1The first question centers on theChristian theism(Moreland, Sweis and Meister 2013).Itis believed that the personal God of the Bible really had an existence in this world. Theworldviews relying on the Christian theism has been well evident in this matter. The Universeand the world were created by the God Himself. The battles in the ancient and medieval timeswere fought on the basis of theism. If the question can be raised on how the human beings knowabout God or his existence. The answers can be different. These different answers would includeby reason, revelation, faith, means of contemplation or by having the authority to approach theGod in a direct way (Milne 2012).These various answers were based on the various ways to look
2CONTOURS OF A BIBLE-BASED, CHRIST-CENTERED WORLDVIEWat the creation of God Himself. The basic things that are addressed in the Christian theism arebased on some of the following issues like the nature of God, nature of humanity and manymore. The first question can be answered in different sections (Wainwright 2013).God is an infinite being and all the doubts about His existence are beyond any measure.Nothing or no human being is able to challenge his existence. All the other things except the Godare unnecessary. God is the ultimate being in this world so he decides everything (Wainwright2013).It can be addressed regarding this aspect that God is the ultimate and prime reality in thisworld and His existence cannot be questioned at all. Another thing that can be discussed andcome to a conclusion that God is many more than just being the prime reality. Besides being theprime reality,God has the capability to transcend everything. This means the fact that God is beyondeveryone and everything (Kasper 2012).God is always with us and He always takes much careabout His children. God is beyond the ways the human beings can imagine himself to be. Godhas the sovereign power to rule this world. He is omnipotent and omnipotent as well. He is theultimate sovereign power in this world and he can understand everything that is happening justbecause he knows everything in this world (Torrance 2016).No knowledge and intelligence isbeyond his reach but he is beyond the reach of everything else. God is everywhere and hecontrols everything in this world. As God has the sovereign power, he is infinite as well. God isconsidered to be good as well. God takes care of everything that exists in this world so he isdefinitely good. God is holy and he spreads love everywhere. God is so holy that no evil cansurpass his shadow. God gives love to every living being in this nature. He saves every beingfrom the clutches of evil (Torrance 2016).
3CONTOURS OF A BIBLE-BASED, CHRIST-CENTERED WORLDVIEWChristian Theism scriptures1.“God changes His mind” (Exodus 32:14).2.“God regrets” (Genesis 6:6).3.“God is surprised” (Isaiah 5:3-7).4.“God didn’t know what people would do” (Kings 22:20-22).5.“God shows uncertainty about the future” (Exodus 4:9).6.“God tests people to learn what they will do” (Genesis 22:12).Hindu response to this worldviewIn the religion aspects of Hinduism, I must say that the question of the theism andatheism comes up as we are able to objectify the existence of the phenomenon of God. God isnot separate from the human beings. I must say that we live in such a world about which we donot know that much. We really have very little idea about where God came from. God has beenmanifested in many ways but He cannot be manifested in the congregations. I think miracles canbe attributed to the magic of God and this can be a major theme of the Hindu theism. Thebelievers of Hindu theism suffer from the lack of the ground to establish their beliefs. This ishow theism can be viewed from Hinduism.Worldview 2The second worldview that has to be focused in this context is one about theChristiandeism.The rise of deism was like a peacekeeping from a chaotic situation of the philosophicaland the theological discussions. These kinds of chaotic situations had been arisen in theseventeenth century. Very trivial and mostly unimportant gave rise to this worldview. Theimportant factor that could be held responsible for the rise of deism could be the fact that there
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