CONTRACT. THIS CONTRACT executed on 1st day of May, 20X


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THIS CONTRACT executed on 1st day of May, 20XX at_____ between SEYMOUR SELLER
owning a famous painting, entitled "VILLIANS" residence of______ (Hereinafter called the
"VENDOR") of One Part and "BUBBA" residence of________(hereinafter called the
"Purchaser" ) of other part.
WHEREAS the vendor has a wise investment in art and the Buyer intends to purchase the
painting from the vendor.
WHEREAS both parties declare an interest in the sale and purchase of painting ("VILLIANS")
under this Contract and undertake to observe the following Contract:
1. Description of Product: The product named "VILLIANS" by artist Crabby Squid is an oil
on canvas original from the series Batman Villians Animated Series.
2. Pricing: The pricing of the product shall be $2000 to be paid by the buyer on returning of
the painting after inspecting i.e May 1, 20XX. the payment is to be made in cash.
3. Returns & Refunds: Artwork( Painting) received in an unsatisfactory or damaged
condition by the buyer may be returned to the Vendor in an "as is" condition. In this case,
the vendor will refund the payment and cancel the payment.
4. Liquidated damages Clause: In the event of a buyer fails to comply with the terms and
conditions under the Contract, the vendor's damages would be uncertain, depending upon
the future interest rate or trading volumes.
5. Arbitration: Every difference or dispute which may arise hereinafter between the
abovementioned parties or their representative regarding this contract or otherwise shall
be referred to a Sole Arbitrator under the Arbitration Act, and the award shall be binding
on both the parties.
6. Copyright and reproduction: The artist reserve all reproductive rights. The artwork shall
not be photographed, painted without the prior written consent of Artist.
7. Termination: Either party may terminate the contract at any time by giving at least 2 days'

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