Control and Evaluation Marketing Plan

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Control and evaluationMarketing plan is considered as a major elementwhich helps in achieving the overall objectives of thebusiness. So sales and marketing director havecontrolled and managed the functional aspect with aefficient and effective team of members. Propercoordination and management of such marketingfunctions leads to achievement of main objectives inthe travelodge. Efforts of staff members playsimportant role in controlling and evaluating theeffectiveness of strategies in achieving the operationsof the business.BudgetThe company must ensure that availability of resourcesbefore accomplishing marketing strategies. The socialmedia and radio promotion must have specific budgetsanctioned so that operational cost does not exceed theplanned limits.Executive SummaryTravelodge is a leading Hospitality company which is planning to launchnew room services for people. These economy rooms are referred as superrooms that provides wide variety of room services. So management haveto communicate these features to large public so that it attracts largenumber of people in experiencing room services. These rooms containmodern room décor that facilitates large number of customers. Theseeconomy rooms also provide free WIFI facilities to the people who arestaying in economy class rooms. The company provides these services at5 major locations from 15thmay.Aims and objectivesMain objective and aim of the company is to avail the great opportunities totravellers and people who like to visit hotels for staying purpose. Mainpurpose of establishing these types of economy rooms premium rooms ismaintaining the strong interpersonal relationship with customers. Theseservices are aimed at providing the room facilities to those people whobelongs to middle class and they are generally money savvier people4 p’sIt can be considered as a main element which help inachieving the overall objectives of the company whichstands for Product, place price and promotion which effectsoverall marketing strategies of the company. Product- Thiscompany provides fine quality of products which areprovided by the hospitality industry. It has developedremarkable services which mainly meets customer demandsand this creates long lasting impression in the minds ofpeople. Place- The rooms of Travelodge is available at 5major locations which include 1000 premium roomfacilities for people. Price-Super rooms which are recentlydeveloped contains low pricing structures as compared toanother hotels and hospitality company's. Services providedIntroductionTravelodge will provide very interestinglow room services at nominal prices.Sales and Marketing director of thecompany, Mr Karen Broughton willprovide better room services whichincludes Economy rooms and premiumrooms. Restructured and redesignedroom architectural services are served tolarge number of people in order toprovide comfortable room stayingBasicmarketing plan of Travelodge
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