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CAREER EPISODE 3CE 3.1 Project InformationName of the project:Development of Movable Headlights with Steering SystemLocation of the project:[please fill name of the place where the project was conducted]Project Duration:From [please fill] to [please fill]Organization:[please fill]Role and Designation during the time:Project Team LeaderCE 3.2 Project BackgroundCE 3.2.1 Characteristics of the projectThis project was undertaken by my team for designing and developing a steeringcontrolled mechanism for moving the headlights of automobiles. I executed this project byconnecting the steering with the headlights of a vehicle. The lighting system of automobiles isnot effective. The ineffective lighting system leads to several road accidents in the hilly regionsand during the nights. I along with my team members decided to improve the lighting system ofvehicles by incorporating steering control mechanism. The mechanism used in this project wasrack-and-pinion steering gear mechanism. Four wheelers usually face difficulty during sharpturns. This project was conducted to change the direction of headlights based on the direction ofthe steering. I had used adaptive headlights for this project. I assisted my team members to fit
reflectors on both the sides of headlamp casing. We used hydraulic linkages to transmit powerfor moving the reflectors.CE 3.2.2 Objectives developed for the projectThe main objectives of this project were to:To develop a steering-controlled-headlight-mechanismTo improve the lighting system of automobilesTo enhance the movements of automobile headlights at sharp turning pointsTo provide the vehicles with illumination front-view for helping the drivers totake proper turns on hilly areasTo reduce road accidents due to ineffective lighting and make an accident-freenationCE 3.2.3 My area of workBeing the team leader, my main area of work was to monitor the activities of the projectteam members. I had to understand the scope and objectives of the project before initiating theproject activities. I had to study in details about the rack-and-pinion steering gear mechanism foreffectively carrying out this project. I had to explain the mechanism of steering system andprovide technical training to the project team members for ensuring success of the project. I hadto report to the project supervisor about any discrepancy between the project plan and actualactivity carried out. One of my main areas of work was to detect any inaccuracy or defect in thedesign and develop effective solutions for rectifying the faults. I also had to prepare projectreports and PowerPoint presentation for this project.
CE 3.2.4 Project GroupFigure 1: People involved in the projectCE 3.2.5 My responsibilities throughout the projectThe project supervisor had given me the responsibility to get an insight into the problemstatement and the main motive of the project. I had to research on steering mechanism andvarious components of an automobile for connecting the headlights with the steering. I had tounderstand the functions of rack-and-pinion gear and provide a presentation on it to the teammembers for clarifying their doubts. I had to identify the most conventional arrangement ofsteering. I was responsible for carrying out the mechanical design of the system. It was myresponsibility to identify the parts to be designed and the parts that need to be bought. I had toensure accurate problem design analysis. One of my main responsibilities was to carry out themathematical calculations for designing the frame, rack-and-pinion gear and main spindle. It wasmy responsibility to select the motor. I was responsible for ensuring high quality of the final
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