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Running head: ENGLISH ESSAYControversy around Muslim Reform MovementName of the Student:Name of the University:Author Note:
1ENGLISH ESSAYIntroductionThe rise against the hates against Muslims is the current consequence in America. Thecontinuous attacks of Islamic extremists have been creating the terror in Europe and UnitedStates. On the other hand, Donald Trump, elected President in 2016, created the anti-Muslimclimate with the help of some of his supporters (Somer, 2014). This anti-Muslim rhetoricinfluenced the Muslim extremists much negatively. On the contrary, Polis indicated that theAmericans have been growing their concerns about Muslim Values and Islamic extremism(Morgan, 2016). The major question arise in terms of understanding the conflict between theMuslim values and American Values. The study would develop the argumentative discussionregarding the Muslim Reform Movement. The pros and cons would be presented in this study byanalyzing the different controversies around this subject.DiscussionThe growing concerns regarding the values of Muslims are quite the major news inAmerican societies. The survey report provides the clear indications that half of the Americansare not quite aware of the Islamic values. It notifies that Muslims are the diverse community withvalues mostly in line with most Americans (Hodge, Zidan & Husain, 2015). The current Muslimpopulation in the nation is almost 3.3 million, which is expected to grow up to 8 million by theyear of 2050. It is even predicted that the Islam will make more improvements in Judaism as thelargest non-Christian faith in America (Williams, Horgan & Evans, 2016). However, on thecontrary, many Americans claim that they know little about the Muslim values since they are notso much in contact with the Muslims. The protests have erupted when Donald Trump ordered thetemporary ban on Muslim countries (Bickmore, 2017). The anti-Muslim groups met with many
2ENGLISH ESSAYof the counter-protests. The Muslims clearly alleged that the anti-Muslim supporters have theperception that the Muslims are trying to impose the Islamic laws in United States.One of the CQ Researcher stated that America has been developing the concernsregarding the Muslim values in keeping pace with the modernized era. The pros expressed by theCQ researchers clearly defended by stating that the incompatible elements are always eliminatedwhen they autonomously choose to accept the elements associated with the personal Islamicjurisprudence (Champion, 2017). The reformation is always a matter of concerns among theAmericans. However, on the contrary, the cons represent the idea that Islam is not simply aboutthe similar perceptions that the Americanized Muslims usually express (Hodge, Zidan & Husain,2015). Polls indicate that a larger number of the Muslims have the deep faith on Sharia, theIslamic law. It is also suggested that this law should be imposed the societies where the Muslimsare larger in number. Bulut and Ebaugh (2014) contradicted this view by implying that thisperception may create the significant conflict among the people living in the similar society.Many leaders with dominant thoughts tried to provide the neutral perceptions about the Muslimvalues. However, it is perceived as the establishment of Muslim theocracy. These thoughts aresomewhat incompatible with the modernized views.One of the major differences is seen in the dominant Shia and Sunni schools of thoughtsworldwide. The founder ofAmerican Islamic Forum for Democracy, Dr. M. Zuhdi Jasser,called for a “Jihad against Jihad”, which depicts the all-out fights against the ideologies of theextremist Muslims. Leonard (2016) argued that this extremist mentality has been identifying theterm ‘jihad’ which defines the spiritual struggles on one end and call for a war on the other side.During the press conference, it is implied that there should be the progression on forward-thinking interpretation of Islam. The Muslims are necessary to be embraced like other religions.
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