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Copyright Compliance Policy

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Added on  2020-02-19

Copyright Compliance Policy

   Added on 2020-02-19

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Running head: COPYRIGHT COMPLIANCE POLICYCopyright Compliance PolicyName of the student:Name of the university:Author note
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1COPYRIGHT COMPLIANCE POLICYCopyright Compliance PolicyAssumptionsIt can be assumed that the NGO Academicsfor Academics is working for the welfare ofthe small public and private colleges anduniversities. They get their funding from thepublic donation. They also recruit suchmembers who are interested in givingvoluntary services. As they are a neworganization so they might need to look intotheir information security system as it is notwell developed (Chauhan and Garg 2015). 1. Statement of purposeA statement of purpose is one of the mostimportant parts in an application that givesdetails to the admission committee. It tellsthe committee about who the organization is;what has been influential in their career path;what are the professional interests and whatis the planning for future. It does not onlycontain some plain facts but severalanecdotes and questions are addressedthrough the statement. A statement ofpurpose can also include stories or somedescription of a character. To make asuccessful statement of purpose, it should beproperly written in a subtle way (Ifinedo2014). It is the only part in the applicationwhich is in total control of the owner. Therecords related to academic and extra-curricular activities are related to the past. Itis also important to choose the writers ofrecommendation letters very wisely but it isnot under the control of the owner that theselected writer will give the bestrecommendation. The statement of purposegives an opportunity to talk directly to theadmissions committee; make a separate standpoint among others; to make the committeerealize about the potential of an individual;the quest for knowledge could be an addedvalue (Van Rooij et al. 2014). The statementof purpose in the given scenario ofAcademics for Academics is to help thesmall private and public colleges anduniversities in Australia and Southeast Asia.They help those universities and collegeswho are interested in receiving their services
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2COPYRIGHT COMPLIANCE POLICYto register and become a member. This NGOgets funding from public donation forcompleting their projects and activities. Theyhave a team of 10 out of which 6 memberswork in Sydney office and 4 members are inSingapore (Bhattacharya 2014). 2. Authorized usesThere are certain set guidelines for applyingin an NGO. Any voluntary organization orindividual, association of disabled person orassociation of disabled person working withcerebral palsy, autism, multiple disabilityand mental retardation can apply for workingin an NGO (Safa, Von Solms and Furnell2016). To apply for NGO registration theconcerned person must file an application forresolution and authorization along withMemorandum of Association and annualreport of the previous year. If the registrationof the NGOs which are registered frombefore expires then they are given a graceperiod of 6 months to renew theirregistration. The NGO Academics forAcademics help the small private and publiccolleges and universities in Southeast Asiaand Australia. It helps those colleges anduniversities which are interested in gettingthe services of Academics for Academicsand become their member. The academicsand experienced expert and professionalswho are interested in offering voluntaryservices like teach any subject, supervise aresearch project, or develop curriculum foranother member institution are allowed toregister with this NGO (Sommestad et al.2014). When the process of recruitment isdone, the particular individual can become amember of Academics for Academics. Afterthe process of recruitment, the individualsare assigned to short term task at the memberorganizations. The recruited members atA4A are provided with food,accommodation, travel and medicalexpenses. 3. Prohibited usesNGOs are prohibited from functioning whenthe home ministry review the audit flow andsee that the income is not returned properly
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