Interpersonal Skills: Feedback in the Workplace


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1INTERPERSONAL SKILL OF FEEDBACKInterpersonal Skill of Feedback and its benefit at Workplace:Interpersonal communication is the development of expressing the ideas, feelings,emotions and thoughts. It generally takes place in the message form that comes in the structureof verbal (words) or non-verbal (ways things are said) communication. People do communicatein the interpersonal level on regular basis for which can the communication can either be acognizant or insensible motion (Bedwell Fiore and Salas 2014). The interpersonalcommunication skill is the way an individual communicates which are also known as the peopleor social skills offering important feedbacks that makes the communication effective (Lin et al.2013). In every communication feedback is essential. Working without receiving any sort offeedback is more like sailing without compass, leaving individuals depending on presumptionand supposition. That is when opportunities are missed and unhappy endings crop up. Like thegood communication skill, giving along with receiving resourceful feedback are key skills thatrequires being a part of the workplace. Interpersonal communication skill of feedback should betimely and be as specific as possible. Interpersonal skill of feedback is significant to thesuccess of the organization. Interpersonal skill has the ability in keeping the feedback loop open.Most organizations generate an active workplace, adapting quickly not only to the internal butalso external variables. One of the important components of active workplace is dynamiccommunication and loop of open feedback (Beebe 2015). This communication generally takesplace between task giver and task completer. The task completer asks for feedbacks aftercompleting each step, the supervisor then either says they are performing well or need certainadjustments. The cycle or ‘loop’ gets repetitive. A breakdown in the feedback loop might bedue to lack of total communication with the subordinates and not being much approachable. Ifproper feedback is not provided at the time it was desired for, productivity and quality of work
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