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Mental status examinationThis examination is required to find out the severity of the illness. The mental status examination involves many points. In severely ill patients like Cormac, these observations can be made. Cormac has schizophrenia.• The patients like Cormac are very suspicious and also socially awkward. Like , in this case, you can see him being suspicious about his boss. He is suspicious that his boss is taping his conversations with the customer and will utilise it against him.• The patient has many delusions or odd beliefs. Like , in this case, Cormac believes that hecan talk to God. He sends messages to him through TV or radio. He also believes that he has conversations from the national spy agency. • The patient does not show many emotions. In this case, Cormac is not responding to the nurse in a very positive way. He does not have an eye contact. His tone is monotonous and also his replies are brief. He shows very little emotion to his own story.• The patient admits that he responds to hallucination. Either auditory or visual. In Cormac’s case, he does admit that he can hear strangers talking about him. And for him thesevoices are real. They are not in his mind. He also laughs at their words. He is continuous talking to strangers while interviewing.• The patient shows thought to block . He takes long pauses. In this case, Cormac is not interested in answering what is being asked by the interviewer. Rather he is more interested in the other voices he is hearing. • The patient does not have any insight into his own problems. In this case, Cormac is not aware of his own condition. He does not know that he is suffering from an illness. He does
not have any concern about his appearance. His clothes are dirty and greasy. He has a beard. He does not even want to continue with medication. • Usually, the patient is well oriented. In this case, also he is well oriented about his surroundings. He is aware of the fact that where is he. What is the particular date and time.The 5P mode in formulationPresenting problems- He is increasingly withdrawn, agitated and irritable. He is threatening towards his mother. He is irritable and not going to his work. He has also stopped his medications. He has become hostile and also he is smoking marijuana several times a day. Predisposing factors- Cormac’s childhood was unremarkable. He never had a network of friends. His predisposing factor could be relationship breakdown which he had at the age of 20. He was taken to psychiatric hospital after that. He never had a strong relationship. A breakdown must have acted as a strong predisposing factor. He never has a network of friends.Precipitating factor- The Precipitating factors could be the cessation of medication. In this case, Cormac has not taken medicine for 6 weeks. Hence it has caused hostile behaviour in him. He was brought hospital by police. He has refused to go to work.

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