Corporate Culture and Performance - Assignment

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CORPORATE CULTURE1Corporate Culture(Name)(Course)(Tutor)(University)(Date)
CORPORATE CULTURE2Executive summaryOrganizations have become the focus of business operations. However, differentorganizations pursue different objectives and goals. The culture adopted by a particularorganization defines the organization. Employees in such organizations embrace and adhere tothe set rules and regulations as defined by the corporate culture. Different organizations havedifferent cultures and it is the culture that sets the motion for operations. As such culture is animportant aspect the defines the future of the company. In this context, Coles an Australian basedcompany has been used to portray the dimension of culture that is the achievement-orientedculture.
CORPORATE CULTURE3IntroductionA common avenue where people work together in unity to earn profits as well ascontribute to their standards of living is referred to as an organization[ CITATION Jun182 \l 1033 ].An organization is a place where individuals are accorded the opportunity of making theirdreams come true and big. Each organization has its special style of working which reflects theculture of such an enterprise. It is the values and beliefs that form the culture of a particularorganization. Workplace culture regulates the way workers behave towards each other and alsowith people outside the organization[ CITATION Jun182 \l 1033 ]. Culture has the effect of dictatingthe way workers interact in their work environment.A healthy culture motivates workers to remain motivated and loyal towards theexecutive. Also, the workplace culture extends far and beyond in encouraging a healthycompetition in an organization. As such employees strive and give their best in performing betterthan their respective workmates and achieve recognition and appreciation by the superiors. It isthe workplace culture that motivates employees to perform better in their workstations.Organizations are tasked with setting guidelines that enable workers to perform accordingly.In a nutshell, an organization is identified through its established culture. The corporateculture develops a common platform that unites all employees[ CITATION Jun182 \l 1033 ]. As suchemployees are to be treated and regarded equally and no employee should feel neglected or
CORPORATE CULTURE4isolated in the workplace. It is crucial for employees to adapt well to a corporate culture in orderfor them to deliver their best. The culture of the organization also enables employees to be unitedmore so in the case that such employees hail from diverse backgrounds where different familieshave different mentalities and perspectives towards issues in life.Corporate cultureA corporate culture of a particular organization stands for certain policies that arepredefined and has the effect of guiding employees and providing them a set of direction whileworking. In such a framework every employee is clear about the roles and responsibilities theyplay in the corporation and thus fathom how to accomplish tasks well ahead of thedeadline[ CITATION Man09 \l 1033 ]. It is not practical to have two distinct organizations withidentical work culture. It is the culture of the organization that gives it an identity. The workculture has a long way in developing the brand image of the corporation.Some organizations adopt a culture where all workers irrespective of their ranks have tobe on time in the workplace[ CITATION Jun182 \l 1033 ]. With such a culture, employees aremotivated to be punctual and this benefits the company in the long run. Corporate culture has theeffect of making individuals develop a fulfilling career and profession necessary for making aparticular organization successful. Corporate culture ensures that every employee understandstheir duties and responsibilities and as such strive hard to attain the tasks within the stipulatedperiod as per the guidelines.
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