Corporate Finance Project Report

Added on - 10 May 2020

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Running Head: Corporate finance1Project report: Corporate finance
Corporate finance2Que 1)Standard deviation is the basic concept of analyze the market volatility. It takes theconcern of normal distribution, dispersion statistics and market probability to analyze the riskof the stock of a company. Following is the example of the standard deviation of IRESSlimited which depict that how easy it is for a comapny to analyze the risk factor of acompany’s stock (Elton et al, 2009).SUMMARYOUTPUTRegression StatisticsMultiple R0.156443R Square0.024475Adjusted RSquare0.006738StandardError0.065826Observations57ANOVAdfSSMSFSignificance FRegression10.0059790.0059791.3798690.245184Residual550.2383210.004333Total560.244301CoefficientsStandardErrort StatP-valueLower95%Upper95%Lower95.0%Upper95.0%Intercept0.0100050.0088771.1270280.264624-0.007790.027795-0.007790.027795X Variable10.201370.1714261.1746780.245184-0.142170.544915-0.142170.544915According to the above calculations, it has been analyzed that the risk of the companyis 20.13%.Que 3)
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