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Corporate FinancePhantom Student1
Table of ContentsTitle Page1Table of Contents2Grading Rubric3Question 1 and Answer6Question 2 and Answer10Question 3 and Answer13Question 4 and Answer14Question 5 and Answer16References182
Grading RubricRequirementsDeductionsQuantitative Understanding1Qualitative Understanding2Teachability2Instructions0Total Score95Instructor Comments (if any):A few errors, but otherwise excellent work.3
FINCorporate Finance AssigmentInstructions:Read these instructions and each question carefully. Failure to follow theseinstructions will result in deductions from your grade. This is a take home assignment, and it isopen note and open book. You may use internet resources. Additional instructions follow:On are before 11:59pm of Wednesday the 28rdof September, 2016, each student willelectronically submit their assignment in MS Word via email to*************. Thestudent will title the email “Last Name, First Name – assignment”. The student will titlethe Microsoft document “Last Name, First Name – Midterm”. The student will create atitle page and put their name and date on this title page.If there is a conflict between these instructions and any prior information provided,including your syllabus, these instructions take precedence.If you believe a question is unanswerable, explain why and make any necessaryassumption(s) and answer the question.Make these assumptions at the beginning of youranswer.If you believe a question has incorrect information, you are to make explicit reference tothe incorrect information and then restate the question with your corrected informationand answer the question.Make these corrections at the beginning of your answer.If you leave a question unanswered, partial credit cannot be granted. Therefore, make anattempt to answer all questions. Show your work for the maximum award of partialcredit. In general, show your work. It helps the grader decipher your thought process.As you have significant time to complete the assignment, your work product isto beorganized and presented at a professional level of work, i.e. do not submit “sloppy” work.See sample exams in Old assignment and Answers folder/link in the course shell.Include a Title page, Table of Contents, and the Grading Rubric (found below) in thatorder as your first three pages of your assignment.Assume the reader of your assignment has no clear understanding of finance. However,he/she is sound mathematically and has good comprehension and reasoning skills.Use the attached TVM template to exhibit financial calculations where applicable.Donot resubmit the blank template with your assignment.If needed, attach a Reference section to the end of your assignment. You may follow anycitation and referencing style that you desire; however, you must be consistent with itsuse.Where applicable use the same notation as in class.When writing out equations, use the Equation Editor, which can be found under the InsertTab in Microsoft Word.Throughout the assignment you are being asked to replicate topics/learning materials.You MAY NOT use examples from class, the textbook, other textbooks, the internet, orany other outside sources.You must always create your own work product.Do notplagiarize.Assignments are to be submitted in a Microsoft Word document or be readable inMicrosoft Word. The readability of the electronic file/document that contains yourassignment is your responsibility.The goal of your assignment should be to teach the subject matter.Teach me. Teach yourself. Teach the world.4
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