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Running head: CORPORATE GOVERNANCE AND ETHICSCorporate Governance and EthicsName of the StudentName of the UniversityAuthor Note
1CORPORATE GOVERNANCE AND ETHICSCorporate Governance The corporate governance is a term which set the some rules, policies, processes and system ofthe organization which is authorized and controlled. The attributes of the corporate governance isbasically introduced for the increasing of the Australian business environment (Ali 2016). Thestructure of the corporate governance is framed for the mere compliance with regulatoryrequirements (Beekes, Brown and Zhang 2015). The hard law which is the Australian Government has set the rules for theimplementation of legislative requirement and introduced the Corporation Act 2001(Cth).Another part is soft law which is introduced for the listing rule in Australian SecuritiesExchange Limited (ASX) (Ali 2016). The non-binding guideline which is not officially in thecorporate governance but it has been included in the ASX Corporate Governance Council’sPrinciples and Recommendations (ASX Principles). The structure and framework of thecorporate governance has been used in the company which helps to frame the corporate ethicsand control the aspects of the corporate governance (Tricker and Tricker 2015).The current corporate governance has a designed frame work which is included in thecharacteristics of the organization (Anon, 2017). It has a particular regulation and liability of thedirectors who perform according to their duty of care (Beekes, Brown and Zhang 2015). It helpsto structure the principal based system of governance where the institutional investors and stronginvestment structures has been framed (Sivathaasan 2016). Therefore it should be mentioned thatthe corporate governance is most important part for governing the company to maintain theirown sovereign state according to their customs, policies, and laws (Ali 2016). The shareholdersreorganization, stakeholder’s interests is the part of the corporate governance where board should

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