Corporate Social Responsibility Assignment : Kick Shoes Company

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Subject Name: XXXSubject Code: XXXTutor: XXXAssignment: Annual Shareholder Report for Year 13Date: XXXName: XXXStudent ID: XXX-Finance ManagerName: XXXStudent ID: XXX-Operations ManagerName; XXXStudent ID: XXX-Marketing Manager
Year 13Annual ShareholderReportKick Shoe Company.
INTRODUCTIONIt has been a long business year, many activities, strategies, plan executions, and most of all, thefact that we have reached at this point in business. Over the years, we have measured ourprogress, learnt from our past, and made plans on how to forge the future as a company and haveestablished strategies that have made us hold onto business for this while. Some fail, some aresuccessful and others extremely successful. This is so, because of the structure of our company,cooperation from all stakeholders and the belief in quality and positively contributing to thesociety. Part of our building pillars as a company is responsibility towards stakeholders. Thisway we manage to be steadfast to our task and be able to meet our goals. Our stakeholdersinclude:i.Governmentii.Shareholders.iii.Consumersiv.Workforcev.Business community.According to BDC business article, in order to determine whether your business is a success ornot, you need to measure the value of your strategies over the cycle period of your business,BDC (2018). This has been true for Kick Shoes Company. Each year we generate a report forour business status, activities, and a plan for the succeeding year. As part of our responsibility toour investors who need to know whether their money is meeting its value and the progress of thebusiness they are financing and whether they are benefiting for their financial input.
EXECUTIVE SUMMARYIn year 12, Kick Shoes Company outlined plans it intended to see come into fruition in year 13,this among others included:i.Increase in the return on equityii.Increasing its market shareiii.Lowering the cost of productioniv.Improving its product qualityv.Raising the revenue rates through increase of salesvi.Increasing worker knowledge and Skillsvii.Increasing its product outputviii.Promoting its imageix.Raising product awareness through, among other means: advertising and sales supportfor retailersAs it is with all plans, not everything planned happens, but the percentage of achieving the onesstated is what defines success and failure. Kick Shoes achieved a number of the year 12 planshowever it failed in some.In this report, we will outline the key indicators of business performance, analyze the result,draw inferences, and reach into conclusions. We will then determine the year 14 plans.Moreover, strategize on how to achieve them.We will include graphs to show relationship over the business years and show the change:whether positive or negative. From the data that gathered over the year, we will outline ourstrengths, weaknesses and seek to use our strengths and heal our weaknesses.DATA AND INTERPRETATIONMARKET SHARECompany Market distributionKick Shoe company ventures the sale of its footwear products in three distinctive markets:
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