Correction of Acute Anemia and Relative Hypertension

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Nursing 2Compartment SyndromeCompartment syndrome defines a condition in which there is a general painful swelling accompanied by increased pressure inside a compartment to the extent that the supply of oxygen and nutrients to the muscles and nerves by blood has been terminated. Muscles in the lower leg, the forearm, and the other boy parts are normally enclosed by fibrous bands of tissues which make up distinct compartments[CITATION Jor131 \p 697 \l 1033 ]. The fibrous brand of tissues is characterized by inflexibility and inability to stretch to accommodate the swelling. If the condition is not medically attended to, the muscles and nerves may end up failing and thereby resulting in death.Compartment syndrome is of various types including acute and chronic compartment syndromes. Acute compartment syndrome develops after a minor injury for example following fractures, heavy drinking, and an injury resulting in the crash of the arm or leg and from wearing a right bandage[CITATION Roy14 \p 568 \l 1033 ].Nursing interventionsRemoval of all the bandages and casts: Removal of the casts helps in reducing the swelling due to compartment pressure by about 30% thereby relieving the pain[CITATION Jag09 \p 489 \l 1033 ].Administration of antivenin: Most applicable in cases of envenomation by a snake and may help in eliminating the chances of development of a compartment syndrome. Correction of acute anemia and relative hypertension are equally important in diverting an impending acute compartment syndrome. In this intervention, nitric oxide is used.

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