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COSC 578 Database Management Systems

Added on - 18 Sep 2019

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COSC 578 Database Management SystemsProfessor: Sungchul HongHW#6Please create following tables by using MySQL and answer the following questions.Submit a table creation script and data insert script. Then prepare the report as follows:question number, question, SQL statement and the result table for each question.Jj_numjnamecityj1SorterParisj2PunchRomej3ReaderAthensj4ConsoleAthensj5CollatorLondonj6TerminalOsloj7TapeLondonPp_numpnamecolorweightcityp1NutRed12Londonp2BoltGreen17Parisp3ScrewBlue17Romep4ScrewRed14Londonp5CamBlue12Parisp6CogRed19LondonSs_nums_namestatuscitys1Smith20Londons2Jones10Pariss3Blake30Pariss4Clark20Londons5Adams30AthensSPJs_nump_numj_numqtys1p1j1200
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