Cost Baseline. The cost baseline for the given project

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Cost Baseline The cost baseline for the given project mentions the needs and demands of the cost for the project needs and demands. It helps in analysing the cost baseline for the project. WBS Task Name JanFebMarAprMayJunJulAugSepOctNov1Planning 1.1Research on team formation 5001.2Design planning 5002Executing 2.1Signages in theCQU campus8000200002.2Creating designsin the aboriginallanguage.100010002.3Fabrication andPainting700030003000300030003000300030003Monitoring and controlling 3.1Team training 100100100100Total 100090001000271003100310031003000300030003000Cumulative Total 100010000110003810041200443004740050400534005640059400Funding requirementsThe funding requirement of the project has effectively been analysed in the form of different stages. The evaluation reveals that the project will need 70000$ funds. StagesFunding($) Team development 500Research 500Signages in the CQUcampus28000Creating designs in theaboriginal language.2000Fabrication and Painting28000Training and development400Tools and equipment 5000

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