Cost Component of US Healthcare Assignment

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Running head: COST COMPONENT OF US HEALTH CARECOST COMPONENT OF US HEALTH CAREName of the StudentName of the universityAuthor’s note
1COST COMPONENT OF US HEALTH CARELEGISLATURE REGARDING THE COST COMPONENT OF US HEALTH CARE6. The US congress is the chief legislative body in the law. It decides the taxation levels,spending, creates programs and provides shape to the health care policies. The Democratic andthe Republican policies are the two robust members of the US congress.The taxation and the cost component of the US health care has largely been an issue inthe US health care as US spends a large amount of GDP on the health care. Both the parties haveused this issue to come to the limelight and gain control over the legislative chairs.Since, the cost component issue is one of the main issues related to American health care;the current party can use the issue to establish a strong leadership by doing correct reformsregarding health care. Party switching in the houses has been common centering on concernsrelated to taxation and health care bills( 2017).7. The party committees have been established by the two major committees and the committeesare entrusted with specific tasks.The Party's house and the Senate policy committee does research and advices themembers about the legislative proposals. In order to develop health policies regarding the UScost components, it is necessary to have coordination between the committee members. All therehad always been a conflict between the Democratic and the Republican Party regarding themanagement of the health care cost of US(The Henry J. Kaiser Family Foundation 2017).
2COST COMPONENT OF US HEALTH CAREThe majority leader of the Senate is the president that states the parliamentary motions;they pose rules on the parliamentary motions. They are the ones to appoint the chairs and thecommittees. They are the ones to sign the bills and the legislations related to the health care,costs and everything. The approvals of the task force committees for the health care reforms arealso decided by the party leaders( 2017).As per the recent reports, Donald Trump's approach will be based on " America first”,which is going to change the role of US over the world. According to various reports, PreviouslyUS was the sole super power with military muscles and economic clout. Trump's election has puta sudden break with the past( 2017).Previously Czars were special officers that used to support the president. The currentDemocratic Party also has appointed czars for their benefits.Czars are special advisors to the president, who normally help to set the policies. Theczars can be appointed to help out the president to make health care reforms from inside thewhite house.8. Eleven congressional committees have jurisdiction over health care. They are the budgetcommittee, Finance committee, governmental affairs committee, and committee on education,health, Pension and labors and the Judiciary committee. The members of the committee are theinfluential health legislators(Group 2017).These committees are responsible for the legislation on Medicaid and Medicare, taxreforms.
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