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The integrative counselling theory or the integrative counselling approach refers to the
integrated perspective of counselling. It is a combined approach towards psychotherapy, which
aims at bringing together different approaches of psychotherapy, to treat an ailment. The basic
approach or understanding of the integrated counselling theory is that the practitioner believe
that there cannot be any single approach of psychotherapy, and the methods depends upon the
clients or their ailments. Therefore, each person needs to be approached with different methods
and different approaches or in certain cases the client may have to be approached with two or
three different methods simultaneously. The intention of this approach is to promote self-
exploration among the clients.
Therefore, the aim of the following study is to present an annotated bibliography, upon
the integrative theory of counselling. The present study includes eight annotated bibliographies,
in order to present different opinions and different understanding of different theorists or
psychologists. The aim of the study is to understand about the integrative method of counselling
from different perspectives and thus, to gain a complete and a clear picture of the concept.
Annotated Bibliography:
integration.NYS Psychologist, 13(1), 7–12.
In this particular work, the theorists have aimed at conceptualizing the concept of the
approach of psychotherapy. This particular works provides the history or the developmental
aspects of the concept of integrate approach of counselling and at the same time, has developed
an understanding of how the concept has evolved through time. The researchers have also
integrated the technological approaches of the concept. They have provided a detailed discussion
of the technical eclecticism and the approaches of the systematic eclectic psychotherapy, and
thus they have developed an understanding of the integration approaches or modes of the
Main Argument:
The main argument or the primary aim of the research was to develop an understanding
of the patterns of integration of the various approaches of modes of counsellling in the creation
or the development of the integrated counselling.
Intended Audience:
The intended audience of this research or the theory, are essentially the students who are
aiming to develop a complete understanding of the concept of integrated counselling. At the
same time, the counselling practitioners will also find this work to be very useful.
Research Methods:
This particular is essentially a secondary research, however, it provides a systematic and
scientific understanding of the concept.
This particular research paper has concluded upon the significance or the use of the
integrated counselling approach. The research has concluded that the integrated method of
counselling is more useful and scientific by nature.
psychotherapy approaches that are discussed about in the essay.
Strengths and Limitations:
The strength of the concept is the technical and the technological approaches that have
been included in the work. However, there are certain limitations as well, as the detailed analysis
offered by the work lacks a detailed approach.
McLeod, J., & Cooper, M. (2011). A protocol for systematic case study research in
pluralistic counselling and psychotherapy.Counselling Psychology Review-British
Psychological Society,26(4), 47-58.
This particular study also propounds upon the history and the development of the
approaches of counselling theory. The aim of this theory is to provide a brief concept about the
historical development of counseling, and in this notion, the pluralistic method or the integrated
approach of counselling has been discussed. The theory has propounded that according to the
psychotherapists ad the psychologist of the initial time, it was never imagined that the different
approaches of the counselling can be used in an integrated manner. The study has further showed
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