(PDF) Evaluative Study on Workplace Conflict Resolution

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Coursework 2: Group Assignment 2 - Case Study and Presentation (15%)1. Identify and explain in detail, any TWO (2) strategies and tactics could be used forconflict resolution. (10 marks)Conflict defined as a state of discord caused by the actual or perceived oppositionbetween people working together between needs, values and interests. In reality, conflict may bea battle, struggle, controversy or quarrel to decide how revenues should be split. When one partypoorly controls conflict can affect the interest and mess up the negotiation. In this case, to protectthe party's best interests, it will recommend two strategies and tactics to be used for conflictresolution.The first strategy and tactics can be used for conflict resolution that is collaboratingstrategy. Collaborating strategy is a way of high cooperativeness and assertiveness to resolveconflict. In this strategy, people pursuing this approach are highly concerned about achievingtheir own results and highly concerned about whether their results are achieved by the party.When the party successfully manages the collaborating strategy for conflict resolution, this willapproach the win-win situation to protect the both party’s interest. This strategy can make thedispute feel valued and understood by all parties involved in the dispute. Most of the time, theconflict is appearing when the sides have not listened to each other, the dispute arises and theymisunderstand the source of the reasons for not giving in to the other side.Thus, it can improveunderstanding, empathy and mutual respect when everyone in a dispute expresses the totality oftheir concerns. In summary, through a collaborative strategy to understand both party’s interestsand needs, the conflict will be resolved (Sampson, 2019)..Other than that, the second strategy and tactics can be used to solve the problem which ismediation. Mediation also is described as a means of conflict management that uses an impartialperson to help team members resolve their disagreements. This tension is more informal andflexible ways to resolve the conflict and workplace tensions. In a company, employees have agood mediation skill that is more helpful to the company,especially the managers. It willimprove and raise up their confidence and effectiveness to handle the deep-seated conflict, assoon as it emerges within their teams. And then, good mediation skills also lead the manager to
handle the conflicts more quickly. Its secret nature allows individuals to be open and honest,allowing them to really get to the heart of the problem.This can improve their chances, once andfor all, of maintaining productive relationships and of nipping any issues in the bud. In thesummary, mediation can resolve the conflict in order to improve the company’s performance(Mindtools, 2019).2. If you are in Aaron's shoes, what would you do when you found an error in Anne’s work.(10 marks)If I was in Aaron's situation, I would report to senior partners privately instead ofembarrassing Anne in front of senior partners publicly when I found an error in Anne’s work.The reason I would report Anne’s error to senior partners is because she did the same thing to mebefore but I must clarify that this act was not made for revenge purposes. As she had the courageto report my error which meant she was confident in her performance therefore it’s myresponsibility to report her mistake to senior partners as if the error result submitted will affectthe company’s profitability and reputation in future.Moreover, during the promotion period, minor mistakes are also considered as a criticalproblem during the period. So, it’s my right to report this circumstance to the senior partners.Besides, as we were best friends in university before, I wouldn’t choose to embarrass herpublicly as it will harm her reputation in the company. Even though she chose to report andembarrass me publicly, I understand the feelings of being accused by my previous best friend.Hence, I would report her error privately as it wouldn't be much more serious than embarrass herpublicly in front of senior partners. If I chose to report publicly, this might affect Anne’s futurework performance and the perspective from superior towards Anne.3. Based on the answers in question 2, what are the possible ramifications of Aaron’s actionin handling Anne’s error. (10 marks)One of the possible ramifications of Aaron’s action in handling Anne’s error is the seniorpartners will put a doubt on Anne’s capability of working performance and she might face the
risk of not being named as the partner of A&W. Apparently, in the senior partner’s view, theirtrust in Anne’s performance will decrease and they might not recommend Anne to be named aspartner of A&W company in the next year. Instead, Aaron might steal the opportunity and has achance to be promoted.Another possible ramification of Aaron’s action in handling Anne’s error is Anne willbecome one of the gossip topics in the company. As the temptation of gossiping and startingrumors will be around for a long time, sometimes it may contain some wrong information,slowly it will give stress to the party which is Anne. If Anne could not find a way to cope withher stress, then she would get psychological trauma. Anne will start to lose focus on what’s infront of her and what needs to be done during the working hour. Therefore, she will lose herconcentration on work and it may lead to a poor performance. In addition, if she doesn't have agood mental quality then it’s difficult for Anne to get over this psychological trauma and shewould keep making mistakes at work. As a result, Anne may not only lose the chance to benamed as the partner of A&W but also will be fired by the company due to herunderperformance.4. Identify and explain the conflicts between Aaron and Anne. How might Aaron resolvethe conflict with Anne? (10 marks)Based on the case study, Anne found an error in Aaron's report and publicly embarrassedAaron in front of the senior partners. Aaron nearly lost his job as a result of Anne’s action. AndAaron has found an error in Anne’s work. He sees this as a perfect opportunity to get revenge onAnne and help ensure that he is named the next year. But if Aaron exposed Anne's mistakes, thepossible consequence is that she may be ridiculed and fired as Aaron is about to be fired. Theseconsequences will not only happen to Anne, but the relationship with the partner may also causehis executives to observe him carefully, and the actions he takes when he chooses to expose hismistakes may put him in trouble. Because it may make him look less like a team player. Aaroncould lose the partnership by exposing the mistake. Moreover, if Anne does not lose her job afterAaron's and continues to work, that will create an even more tense working environment andmay jeopardize the possibility of future cooperation and reconciliation. Aaron should approach
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