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Network Technology | Assignment

Added on - 16 Sep 2019

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Module Title:Network Technology 3
Module Number:EN0308
Module Tutor
Abdul Malik/Gerhard Fehringer
Academic Year:2017
% Weighting (to
overall module):
Coursework Title:
Average Study
Time Required by
30 study hours
Dates and Mechanisms for Assessment Submission and Feedback
Date of Handout to Students:
w/c 17thof March 2017
Mechanism for Handout to Students:
Via blackboard
Date and Time of Submission by Student:
Monday 12th of May 2017 2.00 pm
Mechanism for Submission of Work by Student:
In Hardcopy to Student Support Centre (before 2 pm)
Date by which Work, Feedback and Marks will be returned to Students:
An email will be sent to students informing when and where feedback can be picked
Mechanism for return of assignment work, feedback and marks to students:
Feedback meeting.
Further Information
Learning Outcomes tested in this assessment:
LO 1. Critically Evaluate, design and implement both LAN & WAN systems,
LO 3. Install and configure routers and switches,
LO 4. Critically evaluate the performance of Link state in comparison to distance vector routing
LO 6. Design Network management infrastructure.
Assessment Criteria/Mark Scheme:
Network Decisions and justification20%
Router configurations20%
Strategy for implementation and testing40%
Discussion and conclusions20%
Nature of the submission required:
Individual report.
Instructions to students:
This is an individual assignment. The network is not intended to be physically
Expected size of the submission:
Maximum 10 pages of text.
Academic Conduct:
You must adhere to the University regulations on academic conduct. Formal inquiry
proceedings will be instigated if there is any suspicion of misconduct or plagiarism in
your work. Refer to the University’s regulations on assessment if you are unclear as
to the meaning of these terms. The latest copy is available on the University website.
EN0308 Network Technology 3 Assignment
The assignment places you in the position of a computer network administrator
required to setup a proposed network and configure the routers accordingly.
As administrator you will be required to make logical and justifiable decisions in order
to produce feasible router configurations.
You are responsible for the configuration of all the shown routers.
The basic network requirements have been provided overleaf. An important
consideration will be the method of implementation and verification.
You are required to think carefully and have a logical strategy in order that the
configurations can be implemented with minimal error.
Your configurations must be commented with explanations. For example if VRF
commands are issued then a comment must clearly explain what their purpose is.
The main topography has already been installed and is shown inFigure1.
Figure 1
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