Letchworth Sports Hub Feasibility Report


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Coursework assignment briefing (The assignment is worth 100% of the module marks)Letchworth Garden City has a relatively strong provision of local sporting facilities in the town.There are however a number of threats to this provision over the next 10 to 15 years.These include the costs of maintenance of the open-air pool, the long-term future of North Herts Leisure Centre and the poor condition of many private clubs’ facilities which require upgrading.The Development Foundation in Letchworth is therefore considering the potential to create a sports hub or sports village to serve the town. They have identified a site at Baldock Road in Letchworth and will shortly be engaging with local clubs and stakeholders to identify whether they are supportive of the project and would like to participate.There are a number of challenges that have been identified by staff at the Development Foundation as part of initial internal discussions:How would you decide what facilities should be provided?How can private clubs be involved, whilst retaining their own identity (most do not want to share club houses for example)?Most of the site lies in the Green Belt, so how can the impact of the development be mitigated against, in order to be acceptable in policy terms?There is presently a parking shortfall and the site is not well served by public transport, so how can these issues be addressed, ensuring a balance of safe public transport services, non-car modes and car parking?How would you make sure that the new facility that is provided is sustainable in the medium and longer-term? Your assessment should take the form of a report of not more than 4000 words in length. Your report should be written in a style that is accessible to staff at the Development Foundation. It should consider how these issues could be addressed and if appropriate what further research and consultation is needed to address them. It should draw on an appropriate range of sources to justifythe recommendations. This should include academic and practitioner orientated planning material as well as local policy documents. You are encouraged to use examples from other areas that have successfully implemented similar/related projects. You are also encouraged to include clearly presented visual material such as maps, photographs and diagrams to support your case. A number of reports and maps are available on the Studynet site providing useful background and context material.The assessment outlined above has been reviewed by the module leader and members of the module team with respect to evaluating the type of assessment, marking scheme used, marking criteria, anonymous marking and use of Turnitin.
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