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Coursework Exercise 1To be completed by February 3rdThis coursework exercise relates to the paper by A. Meier, “How one city cut its electricity use over30% in six weeks”, Proceedings of European Council for an Energy Efficient Economy (ECEEE)Summer Study, June 2009.[NB For other background reading about the impact of disruptions ofsupply on communities, see also the paper on Vision by Ghanem et al “I think we need to get a bettergenerator”: Household resilience to disruption to power supply during storm events, Energy Policy92, 2016]After reading the aforementioned article, answer the following questions.1.Several actions were adopted to reduce the energy demand, thus reducing the impact ofthe event. List, and very briefly describe (e.g. a line or two each), actions that involved:a.Technology changes(Choose three)b.Behavioural changes(Choose three)NB Some actions could be relevant to both technology and behaviour but make sure youhave 6 different actions listed in total[6 marks]2.Discuss (approx. 1 page) how the lessons learnt in Juneau might translate toanothercity/town, in relation to encouraging energy efficiency. Choose just one single city(anywhere in the world) and, ideally, base your choice on one significantly different toJuneau. In particular, focus on how differences and similarities between that city andJuneau might affect the success of various measures, and therefore whether the approachin Juneau has widespread implications.[9 marks][TOTAL 15 marks]
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