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Coursework Specifications Part A: Conceptual ERD[35 Marks]Part A Project Brief: PerfoSpacePerfoSpace is a music and theatre venue management company that was founded in 2003. Thecompany owns and operates a number of venues all over the UK which offer performances to thepublic i.e. live music concerts and theatrical plays. PerfoSpace employs a large number of staff whowork at the various venues run by the firm. The company has as its heart to offer the best possibleentertainment experience to the audience. Not only does PerfoSpace offers performances such astheatre plays or music concerts but, as part of their evening out, customers can also have a meal atthe venue if they so wish, either before or after the performance. The meals on offer as part of anevening out all operate a standard menu. To attend an event, customers need to register their personal and payment details with PerfoSpace.They can then select events they are interested in – performances and/or meals – and book ticketsfor them. The booking will be accepted if there are sufficient tickets available and also if the agerating for the performance is suitable for the registered customers. They have the option to booktickets only for a performance (concert or play), just for a meal or for both on the same evening oron different evenings. The date, start time and end time of these various entertainment elementsneed to be recorded accurately to allow for proper coordination to offer the best possible choice tothe customers. Once they have selected the particular set of events they wish to attend for one ormore evenings, the total cost of the booking needs to be calculated. This needs to take into accountsthe number of events the customer wishes to attend, the number of tickets he/she wishes to bookfor each event, the price of a ticket for a particular event and the potential membership discountthey may benefit from if they are VIPs, as explained below.Customers may get a yearly membership with PerfoSpace, if they so wish, and thus become VIPs.This membership scheme allows VIPs to get a 20% discount on performance tickets and/or mealtickets. Furthermore, VIPs can get allocated a personal member of staff who cares for them duringtheir evenings at any PerfoSpace venues, if they are interested in this service. Membershippayments need to be made on a yearly basis and consist of a flat fee which is fixed by PerfoSpaceand can vary depending on the years. The date and the status of the membership payment (paid,pending, suspended, etc.) need to be recorded.As mentioned earlier, PerfoSpace hosts both theatre plays and concerts. The details of the bands ormusical ensembles which play these concerts need to be kept accurately – but not the details of theindividual musicians – as fee payment is made to the whole band or group for performing. On theother hand, all the members of the cast of a play need to be registered as separate fee payments aremade to each individual member of the cast for each play, as different actors/actresses may be paiddifferently depending on their involvements. Upon request, some actors, perhaps lead roles or highprofile performers, can be assigned a particular member of staff to look after them at the venue andprovide for their needs. It is essential for the payments of all fees to performers – bands or individualcast members – to be carefully recorded to ensure that the correct payments are being made to thecorrect people. 2
Part A QuestionsYou have been hired by PerfoSpace as a database architect to undertake a database project tosupport the data needs required by the business processes of the organisation. Your goal in this firstpart is to produce a high-quality CONCEPTUAL RELATIONAL DATA MODEL and to produce anexecutive report to justify your decisions. 1)Produce a complete Conceptual Entity-Relationship Diagram for PerfoSpace. This needs toinclude all the entity types, relationship types, multiplicity constraints, attributes andprimary keys that you have previously identified. This needs to fit on one page of the report.2)Provide an executive summary of how you identified the entity types for PerfoSpace(including eventual generalised/specialised entities). In other words, explain and justify howyou identified these entities in a written narrative in the first person. This needs to fit on nomore than one page of the report. 3)Provide an executive summary of how you identified the main relationship types forPerfoSpace. In other words, explain and justify how you identified these relationships in awritten narrative. This needs to fit on no more than one page of the report.4)Provide an executive summary of how you identified the multiplicity constraints forPerfoSpace. In other words, explain and justify how you identified these multiplicities in awritten narrative in the first person. This needs to fit on no more than one page of thereport.5)Provide an executive summary of how you identified the attributes and primary keys forPerfoSpace. In other words, explain and justify how you identified these attributes andprimary keys in a written narrative in the first person. This needs to fit on no more than onepage of the report.Part A Marks Allocation Part A will be marked based on the following marking criteria:CriteriaMark per componentCorrect identification of entities + sound explanation10Correct identification of relationships + sound explanation10Correct identification of multiplicities + sound explanation08Correct identification of attributes and primary keys + sound explanation07Part A Total353

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