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Five earlier, I used to live in a south Saudi Arabia’s small village name “Najran City”. Oneday I was sitting ideal with nephew and planning to enjoy the weekend by doing sometimedifferent or adventures. We were the teenage boys of 18 years age. We were planningsomething different crazy and fun loving. For a long time we were trying to travel to anotherplace or city and cherish the time in different way. We were going over and over thoughts butwe were not getting it. Suddenly, my nephew jumped from the chair and shouted loudly andsaid “I have a wonderful plan that would be crazy and an unforgettable trip for us”. While allthe members were sleeping at midnight, all together would steal the car of my elder brother.At midnight I went to my brother room and picked up the key from the wardrobe. It was amixture feeling where I was feeling scared as well as crazy for the trip. I was moving fromthe brother’s room slowly and my hands were shivering while handing over the keys to mynephew, who was standing behind the car. He was also scared too. After getting the keys ofthe car, we do not waste a single minute a rush the car at 1200 kilometres. The journey wascrazy and at high speed along a loud pops music that helps us to awake in long trip andrunning the car whole night. With this adventure trip, we had a argued on to drive the carlittle slow as it was running 100 miles per hour. I saw car was flat tire and it would becomeout of control if this continues over night. On the other hand, my nephew was not listeningand saying, “Just chill bro, we have to reach the place as early as possible before we feelsleepy. So, keep calm and enjoy the lovely music”. After an hour, the trip become little tried my nephew took a short way and lost thedestination. I was tried by using this map on those areas as internet connection was notavailable. The network connection was quite poor and not a single person was available onthat street. Then we saw a car was coming where we raised our hand unless they stop the car.The person who was on the car was quite afraid and asked in a shivering voice, “What youwant”? It’s natural for him, as it was quite late for around 3:30 o'clock at night. I said we2

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