Create a playground library (jar) that implements business logic

Added on - Sep 2019

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Create a playground library (jar) that implements business logic for playground management modulewithin Some™ system. These are things that we expect library will do:-Define clear and usable domain classes, beans, components (interfaces) that should be usedby Some™ system to access required functionality/data.-Currently Some™ system controls double swings, carousel, slide and a ball pit play sites.-When incorporating library into Some™ system, it should be able to configure variouscombinations of play sites (for example two swings, one slide etc.).-Library should NOT do any DB related operations, or use persistent data store, Some™ systemonly needs ability to read current playground state, for this in memory storage is enough.-Some™ must be able to add kids to play sites (we know kid's name, age, ticket number).-It should be possible to enqueue kid or receive negative result if kid does not accept waiting inqueue.-It should also be possible to remove kid from play site / queue.-Play sites should not allow to add more kids to them than specified in configuration (orimplementation in case of double swings) of play site (done once on initialization).-Play site utilization is calculated differently for each play site (most of play sites utilization ispercent of capacity taken (3/10 places taken for 30% utilization), double swings 100% if fullcapacity, 0 if 1 or 0 kids, some not yet known play sites can have different calculationimplementations, this possible extension requirement should reflect in design) utilization ismeasured in %.-Register play site utilization during working hours (snapshots with configurable interval),provide data on request for Some™ system.-Register queues on play sites (queue appears when Some™ tries to add kid to play site, that isfull, and kid accepts waiting in queue).-Implement VIP feature, where it would be possible to designate ticket with a possibility to skipline X times, BUT a queue must maintain a balance of max 1 skip for 3 normal entrees. (ex. ifthere are 5 waiting, and 2 vips come, one would get into front of line, second would be after 3non vip's would enter the playsite, and total order would be VNNNVNN).-Library should be able to provide history on what play sites kid played, and how long.-Library should be able to provide a total visitor count during a day on all registered play sites.-Library should be able to provide play site utilization snapshots taken during the workinghours.-Reports can be provided as collections of classes (objects) representing data points.-Some proof should be provided, that show how the library works.We would appreciate if build script in the form of ant/pom file is provided we use IntelliJ fordevelopment, so if archived project is provided, this makes our lives easier.It doesn't matter what IDE was used, we would like to receive whole project directory with sourcesand other information, please don't include executable files as they are sometimes blocked by mailservers.if you can provide some project with UI(simple web, applet etc. application) that shows that/howlibrary is working and/or how it should be integrated, we promise to look, however this should not bedone at expense of library development quality/features.
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