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Create a social networking site that enables people to share any ideas, similar to blogging sites. The implementation must be using HTML5, CSS, PHP, JavaScript/Ajax webpages sending JSON through RESTful API of responders.I have included SQL script for MySQL database for the website at the end of this document. Also, do not worry too much about the looks of the site (CSS) as that will be changed anyways.The site must have/do the following:-Minor functionalities of proposed SN. A.Posts/messages/comments/chat/editing and uploading 1.Post: enable users to post2.Comment count: count the amount of comment and display it next to the post. 3.Like count: count the amount of likes a post get and display it next to the post. 4.Like: the ability to register when user click on like link. 5.Comment: being able to comment on a post 6.Delete: ability to delete own post or comment. 7.Edit: ability to edit own post or comment. 8.Hide post: ability to hide own post or tags.B. Groups, friends, followers & other relations with other users9.Tag: able to tag another user. 10.Share: ability to share links form other sites. This will not require the user to be on our SN, but will require an active account. (Not priority)11.Social network links: create a link to other social networks. C. Accounts, Authorization, Users, Profiles12.Management account: which will give access to extra buttons on all posts and comments that will enable admin to delete and restrict comments or accounts.13.Register: create and manage own an account 14.Delete certain post or comment: buttons for deleting any post or comment for admin accounts. 15.Restrict account: button to temporarily hide user account. 16.User accountD. Widespread general Web-site features & good practice (i.e. not specifically "Social Networking")17.Email notification: enable email notification. This will be used to notify users of comments, likes and tags.

E. Specific Social Networking features of YOUR site18.Topic: this will allow users to post or view ideas by topic. Most new ideas are generic by nature, but one might share idea that is specific to a profession. Ideas that are specific to a subject such as science, IT, cosmology will be categorized. Challenging functionalities of proposed SN.19.Trend analysis for search and recommend trending posts on the home page of our SN. The technical details of how to implement the function is yet to be researched.20.Image upload. Drag and drop would be considered but not prioritized.

CREATE DATABASE if not exists web_coursework;use web_coursework;create table tblPosts (postID int auto_increment,userID int not null,postTitle varchar(250) not null,postTopic varchar(250) not null,postDateTime TIMESTAMP not null DEFAULT CURRENT_TIMESTAMP,postBody varchar(10000) not null,PRIMARY KEY (postID))AUTO_INCREMENT=1;create table tblComment (commentID int auto_increment,postID int not null,userID int not null,commentsDateTime TIMESTAMP not null DEFAULT CURRENT_TIMESTAMP,comment_Body varchar(1000) not null,PRIMARY KEY (commentID))AUTO_INCREMENT=1;create table tblLike (likeID int auto_increment,userID int not null,postID int not null,

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