Create Model. Create package com.comp424.model. Remembe

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Create Model1.Create package com.comp424.model2.Remember to use camel case naming convention3.Create Course class with the following attributes andtheir getter and settersString : NameDate : Start dateDate : End dateDouble : TuitionString : Course codeLocation : LocationBooks : List of Text BooksEnrollmentPolicy : PolicyInteger : creditsCourses : list of prerequisite coursesBoolean : is it a Certificate4.Create Book class with the following attributes and theirgetter and settersString : TitleString : List of authorsString : ISBNDouble : price5.Create Location class with the following attributes andtheir getters and settersString : Street AddressString : CityString : ProvinceString : Building nameString : Room #6.Create Person classString : nameDate : Birth dateString : Phone number
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