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Create Table:. create table Artist(. ArtistID int prima

Added on - 25 Sep 2019

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Create Table:create table Artist(ArtistID int primary key,ArtistName varchar(20),ArtistContactNo int,ArtisEmail varchar(25));create table MusicTitle(TitleID int primary key,TitleName varchar(20),CreatedDate Date,ArtistID int,FOREIGN KEY (ArtistID) REFERENCES Artist(ArtistID));Data populated in tableInsert into Artist (ArtistID,ArtistName ,ArtistContactNo,ArtisEmail)values(1001,'George',3456789,''),(1002,'Jeorge Fd',34666789,''),(1003,'Smith',34567889,''),(1004,'Rebecca S',3666669,''),(1005,'Goel RB',34566669,''),(1006,'Nick Nine',67788889,'');Insert into MusicTitle (TitleID,TitleName,CreatedDate,ArtistID)values(2001,'Fire','2018-10-10',1001),(2002,'Thrill Nine','2018-11-12',1002),
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