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Creativity and Innovation - Assignment

Added on - 31 May 2021

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Running head: CREATIVITY AND INNOVATIONCreativity and Innovation: Ideas for Mowing the LawnName of the Student:Name of the University:Author’s note:
CREATIVITY AND INNOVATION1Task 15 Ideas for lawn mowingLawn mowing is an arduous but a necessary work. Any lawn, be it in a public place or ina private place, must be mowed and trimmed regularly to keep it neat and clean. A nicely mowedlawn increases the aesthetic beauty of the place. However, it is a difficult job. For any privatehome owner, mowing the lawn is a necessary part of the household chores. Today, there aremany machines that help in reducing the burden of lawn mowing. However, the existingmachines are not always available or helpful in reducing the burden of mowing the lawn. Thispaper focuses on 5 idea generating principles and their relevance and usefulness for the purposeof lawn mowing and selects one, which seems most useful.Following are the 5 principles chosen from TRIZ.Principle 5: MergingThe essence of this principle is to merge similar or identical objects for performingparallel operations and also making the operations contiguous (, 2018).Mulching Lawn mower was made based on this principle. It is made using gasoline orelectrically powered rotary with the ability to of cutting and recutting of the grasses together.Using the similar principle, a cycling device can be made, which will enable the mowers to roamaround paddling and mowing the lawn at the same time (Ilevbare, Probert & Phaal, 2013).Using this principle many devices were developed other than the mulching lawn mower,such as, link slats in vertical or Venetian blinds in the windows or doors, the medical diagnosticinstruments for analyzing the blood parameters at once, vanes in the ventilation systems,
CREATIVITY AND INNOVATION2personal computers, assembling various parts for parallel operations etc. (Ekmekci & Koksal,2015).The new product should be a combination of the technology of a cycle and a mower. Inthis machine, the mower would sit and paddle through the lawn, while the blades with the wheelwill mow the grass. The mower does not have to walk and push the motor, but they would cycleand the energy generated from cycling would help in the lever for the grass cutter. There couldbe challenges similar to that of a cycle, and also the knowledge of cycling and physical ability ofthe mower to paddle though the entire lawn.Principle 6: UniversalityThis principle represents the idea of making an object perform multiple tasks, andeliminating the need for other specific objects or parts. In other words, in this principle, an objector a part of an object is used in a manner so that it can perform the job of other objects or otherparts alone and simultaneously (, 2018). This principle is quite innovative. Themulching lawn mower also follows this principle in its manufacturing. In the similar manner, adevice can be made that will not only mow the lawn, but will collect the grass and not blow itaway. The sucker would come together with the blade and would work together to save the effortof cleaning the lawn after mowing. However, if necessary, it would also work as a blower,similar to the vacuum cleaners.Universality principle is applied in the products such as, the car seat of for childrenconverting into stroller, universally used handy-tools, such as Swiss knife, kitchen appliancetools, toothbrush handle holding toothpaste, used during travelling.
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