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1Crime Research and Analysis ReportStudent’s Name:Instructor’s Name:
2Research QuestionShould Cannabis be decriminalised across the globe?Rationale of ResearchThe topic of drug use is common across the globe with attracting the attention of bothscholars and policymakers. While some people are in favour of the use of certain drugs andeven push for their legalisation, others are firmly against the use and legalisation of drugsoutside the medical practice. The latter are present drug use as a dangerous phenomenon thatcan lead to increased incidence of ill health and even death. These disparate ideologies are thereason for conducting this research with a bias against drug use and legalisation, particularlythe drugCannabis sativapopularly known as marijuana.The use of marijuana and other drugs is continuously increasing around the world, and thispaper carries out research to highlight the problems associated with drug use. Further, morenations and states have legalised or are considering legalising certain drugs especiallymarijuana. As a result, the issues surrounding the use of drugs and the threats posed to bothusers and non-users and the country at large are bound to increase. It is in the interest ofhighlighting the possible adverse outcomes of legalising drug use, particularly marijuana, thatthe current research is conducted. It is expected that the findings of the study will be helpfulto those who are looking for information regarding drug use especially policymakers andscholars in social sciencesAimsThe research aims to evaluate the effects of drug use. Further, the study seeks to determinewhether marijuana should be decriminalised.
3ObjectivesThe primary objective of the study is to determine cannabis should be decriminalised druguse and its effects. Other specific objectives include:1.To evaluate the prevalence of drug use2.To highlight the effects of drug useLiterature ReviewThe use of drugs is widespread. A recent study by America’s National Academies ofSciences (2017), reports that there are more than 22.2 million Americans over the age of 12years who use marijuana. Among them, 4.2 million reported experiencing the symptoms ofcannabis use disorder (CUD)[CITATION Nat17 \l 1033 ].For this research, the use of marijuanaor cannabis is considered a problem because of the associated adverse effects such as CUD.According to the 2016 release by the Office for National Statistics, deaths related to drug useincreased England and Wales between 1993 and 2015[CITATION Fea16 \l 1033 ]. The statisticsshow that in 1993 there were approximately 800 associated deathsrising to 2300 in 2015, inEngland. In Wales, the numbers show that the incidence raised from 33 to around 170 (SeeAppendix A). The rising number of deaths is a clear indicator of the need to fight drug use,especially marijuana if the safety of citizens is to be guaranteed.Similarly, there were 3744 reported deaths in England and Wales because of drug poisoningin 2016[ CITATION Dru17 \l 1033 ]. The number was 2% higher than in 2015 and was thehighest ever registered since 1993.The use and dependence on drugs are the leading causesof premature deaths in England and Wales. More than 16% of the reported deaths from drugpoisoning represent individuals in their 20s and 30s[CITATION Man17 \l 1033 ].There a myriadof drug poisoning substances including both legal and illegal drugs, prescription and over thecounter medications.
4The effects of drug use are cross-sectional affecting not only the user but also their familyand the community. The effects are not only felt when a loved one dies from drug-relatedconditions but also when one is alive but out of reach, for instance, when a loved one isimprisoned for the crime. The use of drugs is associated with criminal activities[ CITATIONMar07 \l 1033 ]. The United States statisticsby NCADD show that 80% of prison inmates areusers of alcohol and other drugs, of whom, fifty percent are clinically addicted; more, nearly60% test positive for illegal drugs upon arrest[ CITATION Nat171 \l 1033 ].There is need topresent evidence against drug use in the wake of cannabis legalisation by many severalcountries and states. These countries include North Korea, Uruguay, Jamaica, Portugal,Spain, Peru, and Canada, among others (See Appendix B)[ CITATION Kin18 \l 1033 ].On thecontrary countries like China have illegalised marijuana and have very strict executions forthose found using drugs. However, China is considered to be a top exporter of marijuana.The current state of cannabis legality needs to be changed because of the associatedoutcomes, that is, increased illness, mortality, and crime rates. Marijuana is particularlyaddictive to some people, and its legalisation may result in adverse consequences for acountry. Consider the case of Amsterdam which has become a tourist destination for manymarijuana enthusiasts. Despite the increased revenue from tourism, Amsterdam citizens areworried about their children getting exposed to marijuana at an early stage in life, citing thatit can affect healthy growth and development. Moreover, areas, where cannabis is sold in theAmsterdam, are reported to be hotspots for criminal gangs thereby opposing the hypothesisthat the legalisation of drugs can lead to a reduction in the crime rates[ CITATION Joh14 \l1033 ].
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