Capitalism vs Patriarchy in Crime


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Criminal Justice 1Criminal JusticePatriarchy is a system where the primary power is in the hands of male and in political leadership, they play the predominate roles. They are given the moral authority, social privileges and they also have a control on the property of the family. The authority of the fathers or the father like figures is more than the women and the children.Capitalism is the economic and the political system where the private owners control the trade and industry of a nation and they try to earn profits. In my opinion, capitalism has greater effect on crime than patriarchy because with this, the competitiveness is preached and people try to do anything for a buck. To earn more profits, people break the laws, they work on self-interests and tons of crimes are made because of the unrestrained greed of people, especially when they indulge themselves in theft and robbery (Blumberg, 1979). Critical criminology is similar to Marxist theory with regard to crime and delinquency as the people who have power in the society, defines the crime and delinquency. Those who are powerless, they are kept under control by the laws and the criminal justice. After acknowledging this, the critical criminology works to find the way by which the powerless can be empowered. It is just an extension of the Marxist theory as it goes beyond examining the effects of capitalism on the crime. Here, a critical stance is taken against the mainstream criminology (Silberman, 1978).
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