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Critical Analysis E- Learning

Added on - 15 Mar 2020

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Running head: NURSINGE-learning techniques used in teachingName of the student:Name of the university:Author note:
1NURSINGCritical analysisE- Learning is a combined method of content and instructions that are delivered throughcomputers or other electronic means such as i-pad, projectors etc. It is a type of learning whichutilizes the electronic techniques for accessing the learning curriculum along with the regularclassroom learning (Dalhem & Saleh, 2014).It helps in securing and cognizance of learning by both disconnected and online intuitiveadvances. There are an assortment of innovations used in e-learning, i.e., Internet, intranets,recordings, intelligent TV and CD-ROM. What's more, there are a few ways to deal with e-getting the hang of including: internet learning or electronic guideline, PC helped direction andvirtual classrooms (Dalhem & Saleh, 2014).Advantages of e-Learning (Arkorful & Abaidoo, 2015):In this fast moving world the e-learning technique is most convenient for the nursingstudents.As the enrollment in nursing school requires a huge amount of fees and other necessaryresources. In that case e- learning becomes easier for the students to afford in theirincome.Web learning is used to promote independent learning to the nurses.Through online chats students are able to contact with each and every co students andteachers online.The instructions provided in the video for learning can be rewind and seen repeatedly ifthe students did not able to understand the topic for the first time.Disadvantages of e-Learning (Arkorful & Abaidoo, 2015):
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