Paper on Relation between the Mumps Measles and Rubella Vaccine

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Running head: CRITICAL ANALYSISCRITICAL ANALYSISName of the StudentName of the universityAuthor’s note
1CRITICAL ANALYSISIntroductionThis paper provides a critical analysis of the paper (Wakefield 1998) discussing about therelation between the mumps measles and rubella vaccine and deterioration in the cognitivedevelopment of child. The paper will evaluate all the methods and the findings from the paperand will finally draw a succinct conclusion from the results and the findings.Since the concernedarticle had been proven to be fraudulent, this paper aims to focus on the implications that thearticle had on the public health of UK.Background of the paperAndrew Wakefield and his colleagues published this paper in the Lancet that suggestedthat measles, mumps and rubella vaccine (MMR) may influence Andrew Wakefield and hiscolleagues published this paper in the Lancet that suggested that measles, mumps and rubellavaccine (MMR) may influence pervasive developmental disorder and behavioral regression inpatients (Harrison 2013).Despite of the uncontrolled design of the study, small sample size and speculative natureof the conclusion drawn, the paper gained a wide publicity, which lead to a drastic drop in thevaccination procedure, as the parents were concerned about the risk of autism (Calvertet al.2013).
2CRITICAL ANALYSISThis paper aims to investigate a group of children suffering from chronic enterocholitis,and developmental disorder. Lymphoid hyperplasia can be followed by chronic enterocholitisdue to the inflammation of the digestive tract (Demichelliet al. 2013). The paper discusses aboutthe relation between the three given clinical conditions by carrying out a randomized controltrial.Limitations of the paperThe population studied was not appropriate in the context. The methodology used in thiscase was a randomized control trial. All the families of the children were not accounted with allthe information regarding the study (Wakefieldet al.1998).It can be seen from the retracted paper that the authors took history regarding theimmunization details and their exposure to the infectious disease. In spite of all the investigationsthe author made incorrect association between the MMR vaccines and the onset of autism. Thepaper provided with the result that out of eight children, five had adverse reaction with theimmunization with the MMR vaccine (Wakefieldet al.1998).The reports provided with the fact that the child receiving monovalent muscles vaccineshowed slower growth. The findings show that the child that received a dose of vaccine at theage of 4.5 years showed behavioral deterioration and at the 18th month the child developed Otitismedia, which he directly linked with the vaccination (Brownet al. 2012).
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