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Critical Analysis of Marketing Myopia by Theodore Levitt

Added on -2019-09-23

The article discusses the concept of Marketing Myopia by Theodore Levitt and argues that companies should focus on satisfying the needs of customers rather than just selling their products. The author's arguments are relevant today as the market is filled with substitutes and companies need to develop a vision for customer satisfaction. While the concept of marketing myopia is not flawless, the article has value and is relevant to apply to businesses in the current environment.
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Critical analysis of the article: Marketing Myopia by Theodore LevittIn this article, the author has written that the companies emphasize on the selling their products,and not the marketing which is a big mistake that is conducted by them. In the selling concept,the companies focus on the seller’s needs and in the concept of marketing, the concentration ison the needs of buyer. The main idea that is propagated in the article is that the industry is aprocess of satisfying the customers, and it is not a process of producing the goods. So, theprogress of the business depends on the fact that they concentrate on the needs of the customersand not on selling the products. So, this concept is explained by defining the ‘marketing myopia’which means the failure or the short-sighted vision of the top management of the company indefining the purpose of the company in consideration of the functions performed by it from thepoint of view of the consumers i.e. they do not assess the needs of the customers and they justfocus on enhancing their products. I agree with the ideas of the author because the companies focus on refining their products andthey face downfall in the long run. Their vision is not related to the satisfaction of the customers,but they just focus on development of their product and enhancing their product. This is a wrongpractice because it is the responsibility of the businesses to satisfy and fulfill the needs of thepeople. The ideas of the author are relevant today because there are many substitutes of productsavailable in the market. If the companies keep on producing more and more and they do notrealize that the substitutes can wipe out their huge production, then they cannot survive in themarket for long time. Therefore, the top management must develop a vision for satisfying thecustomers and meeting their needs rather than selling their products. 1

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