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Critical Analysis Over Reality TV Assignment

Added on - 21 Apr 2020

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Student NameStudent ID1Student Name:Topic: CRITICAL ANALYSIS OVER REALITY TVDate:Reality Television is the significant medium to analyze each person's interpretation fromthe on-screen actions that they considered to be the real one. Most of the cases are in passiveterms and that exhibit the reality shows and programs. Reality shows are the best entertainingprogram that impacted over the social and behavioral changes in society (Ouellette). There aresome findings that affecting the people and relate their life through the process. This is a newtrend in television that widely portrayed the morality or authentication in social impact. In thischosen analysis "Reality TV Gives Back" Laurie Ouellette provides the thesis statement over acivic association that has changed the reinterpretation of incorporated current population(Ouellette). Since 1990, the process has infused in the television where the reality programs haveprovided the competitive advantage to the selected channel. Channel TRP ratio and engagementwith viewers are also changed as they have delivered the most entertaining section in thetelevision.The target audience in this section also covers the people who are engaged deeply in thereality shows like "Big Brother", "The Real World" and "Jersey Shore" (Allen, Kim, andHeather). These reality shows are the medium to showcase the participant's social andphysiological understanding and their projected outcome. The shows are designed in such waythat implied values of the daily life of people are executed in such shows (Ashikali et al.). Theargumentation is taken place in such section and that also highlighted by the author. The author
Student NameStudent ID2stated that the relation and the produced entertainment provided by those reality shows are theonly observation of civic life and their functions. This is the historical observation that haspersuaded in those shows and if they imposed in such an order they these principles are pointedback to the late 18000s realism and lively hood of the people. As Public Broadcasting Service(PBC) has the greater extent in civic potentialities than British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC),thus PBC’s extent is much greater than BBC (Allen, Kim, and Heather). This is the influencethat civic potentialities have done in the audience through the cultural relationship and enlightenthe instrument of concept (Teurlings). The entertainment formats have changed as themodification of television programs have evaluated. The market imperatives and theentertainment format have changed with dates and these may influence the socio-cultural impactover the citizenship (Ashikali et al.).A better life can be drawn from those programs as these are addressing the consumerculture and their taste. The service tradition implemented in the social performance that wouldmanage the realism or the feeling of the people so that public engagement can consider. Thereare certain government interventions in that case so that promotion of the broadcasting cannot bean issue for the producers (Allen, Kim, and Heather). Citizen branding and corporate socialresponsibilities are the key issues that allow the impact of the programs and deliver the civillyminded show for the people (Feltwell). Good civic-minded branding and practices are deliveringis this context that involves the relation with the cluttered environment in terms of socialaccumulation. In some other contrasting cases, MTV has proclaimed their shows to replace thetrivial reality programs and VH1 has put their effort for narrating a program over Barack Obama,so these are some informative and constructive programs that encompass the modern
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