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Assignment Wounded Knee

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Added on  2019-09-20

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Critical response to “We Shall Remain - Episode 5: Wounded Knee”About the videoA famous Wounded Knee incident took place in 1973 in which the actions of the AmericanIndian Movement and the role of media during this event has been depicted in the video ("WeShall Remain - Episode 5: Wounded Knee", 2016). The video is a great learning experienceabout the incident and to see the impact of mass media on the people. A situation in the videoThe situation that raised concern for me in this video was the point where the governmentdecided to addresses the issue directly. Since, they could not use force to remove the protestors,they used the suppression tactics. In these tactics, the government cut off the supplies, roads andother resources. This move of the government drew the occupation. The officials of thegovernment planned their moves according to the reactions of the media and the public. Critique of the situation Eventually, when the media was not allowed to access the reservation and the reporters were notallowed to capture the scene as the government wanted to keep the exposure of the situation atminimum possible level. This made the public perceive it as a censorship and they backfired thesituation created by the government. This led to complication in the occupation of the WoundedKnee and the occupation was put on the national stage. Those who did not have a direct1
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connection with the events started enjoying the drama and they got excited about the publicdisplay of defiance. As a result of these outcomes, the step of the government should becritiqued. This led to worsening of the situation and the loss was more than the benefit gained.Instead of this strategy, the government could have used something else. Relevance of situation in the contemporary societyThe situation that has been raised is relevant in contemporary society because it has arouse a newlearning that even a one incorrect step can go against the welfare of nation. The strategies shouldbe made keeping in mind all the people of the country, and not one a few. After the incident, thepublic pools showed that people started supporting the activities for the reservation. Thoughtthey might not have sympathy for their ideas and situation, but the support was extended. Also,the media influenced the thoughts, beliefs and reactions of the people when the socialmovements progress. In the contemporary society too, the role of media is very popular. Whenany social movement, war, terrorism happens in contemporary society, the media is the onlysource that gives all the relevant information about the incident and people get influence by theway they depict the series of incidents, the way they play the blame games and the way they helppeople in connecting with their loved ones during any miss-happening (O'shaughnessy, 2012). Effect of situation on the daily lives of people Any action that the government takes has a direct impact on the daily lives of people. If thegovernment supports any protest by people, i.e. they agree to the demands of the people, then the2
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