(PDF) Critical Thinking In Nurse Managers

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NURSING MANAGEMENT CRITICAL REFLECTION1According to Kayi (2012), group activities holds great importance in student’s personal andprofessional development. It provides them with the courage to take difficult challenges as the pressurerelated to the assignment is divided among entire students within the group. While going through thisassignment related to the nursing management of a patient having arterial ulcers in his toes, I and my twoother classmates were assigned to complete the task together. At first, after the allotment of the task, all thethree members including me was involved in conflict related to task division and allotment of sections.However, by discussing our strengths related to each of the section, we divided all these sections betweenthree of us. While team collaboration, the primary issue was timing, availability of each of us and approachto achieve the task requirements successfully (Bishop & Verleger, 2013). To achieve the task, we decidedto converse over ZOOM and over emails, further while in the campus, we conversed directly or messagedeach other via forums on study desk, so that we can share our thoughts and ideas. The task was divided insuch a manner that I was assigned to complete the nursing management section. Furthermore, regardingthe things that did not worked according to our convenience, such as understanding the task requirement,section division, we took the help of our tutor so that accuracy of the assignment can be maintained.There is a difference between feelings in personal and professional or work related life. In personallife, if something does not occur as per our preference, we are allowed to raise our voice or burst into tearshowever in working environment, we focus on the greater good and sacrifices are integral part of it.Similarly, while working in the nursing management assignment, I also felt that I chose to sacrifice so thatthe conflicts raised during task division can be diminished. However, once the assignment reaches itsfinishing point, I felt that the duration of collaboration was an extremely encouraging experience that helpedme to adjust with situation, work with people who are having different personality and deliver my pointswithin an argument. These feelings arise from my personal experience of working in the team for thenursing management assignment.As we are working in a team, each of the member had different values, attitudes and beliefs andfeelings related to each aspect of our collaboration. These different perspectives, attitudes, beliefs andprospects defined the dynamic nature team. As per my experience, I was being able to bring, calmness,courage and thinking ability to the team. I contributed to the assignment by bringing each member togetherand finishing the emerged conflicts regarding the task division and time allotment. Therefore, from myfeeling regarding working within the team, team spirit and team bonding can be attributed. I learned severalaspects about my own personality that will help me to achieve better in future. Further, the dynamic nature
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