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Grading Criteria and Feedback Form - Level 6 Written Coursework

Added on -2020-12-09

Grading Criteria and Feedback Form - Level 6 Written Coursework |Learning Outcomes:| || |Knowledge and understanding: | || |Successful students will typically be able to: | |Critically analyse and reflect upon their own professional development | |needs, and those of others involved in nursing care. | || |Skills and Attributes: | || |Successful students will typically be able to: | |Demonstrate the ability to engage in advancing their Continuing Personal| |and Professional Development (CPPD), using
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Grading Criteria and Feedback Form - Level 6 WrittenCourseworkLearning Outcomes: Knowledge and understanding:Successful students will typically be able to:Critically analyse and reflect upon their own professional development needs,and those of others involved in nursing care.Analyse and interpret the use of research and evidence to inform their nursingpractice. Skills and Attributes: Successful students will typically be able to:Demonstrate the ability to engage in advancing their Continuing Personal andProfessional Development (CPPD), using a structured and reflective approaches.Demonstrate how knowledge of learning and leadership can help foster supportivepractice learning environments.Employ a range of strategies designed to apply the findings of research and evidenceinto nursing practice.Note to Markers: Select criteria appropriate to the project and omit irrelevant ones. Useyellow highlight to indicate which feedback statements are relevant to this student. Outstanding>80Excellent79-70VeryGood69-60Good59-50Satisfactory49-40MarginalFail39-30Clear Fail29-20Little ornothingof merit1
19-0Presentationandstructure10%Outstandingpresentation. Logicallystructured.Highlyarticulateand fluentwritingstyle.Nogrammaticalorspellingerrors.Excellentpresentation.Logicallystructured.Highlyarticulateandfluentwritingstyle withvery few,minorerrors.Verygoodpresentation.Logicallystructured.Articulate andfluentwritingstyle. Afewgrammatical errorsandspellingmistakes.Goodpresentation.Logicallyordered.Writing ismainlyclear butsomespellingand/ orgrammatical errors.Satisfactorypresentation.Mostlylogicalstructure. Notalwayswrittenclearly andhas severalgrammatical and / orspellingerrors.Poorpresentation.Inconsistent orillogicalstructure. Has manyspellingand / orgrammatical errors.Poorpresentation.Veryinconsistent orillogicalstructurePoorlywrittenand/orpoorspellingandgrammar.Little ornothingof merit. Poorlywritten. Manyinaccuracies inspelling.Content, knowledgeandunderstand-ing20%Outstandingexploration of topicshowingexcellentknowledge andunderstandingExcellentlevel ofknowledge andunderstandingdemonstratedCoversallrelevantpointsVerygoodlevel ofknowledge andunderstandingdemonstrated. CoversmajorityofGoodgrasp ofthe topicand someof itsimplicationspresented. Knowledge andunderstandSatisfactory content /level ofknowledgeof thetopic.Coverssome butnot allrelevantLimitedcontent /knowledge. Coversfewrelevantpoints.Lackinginknowledge. Contentmostlyirrelevantand/orLittle ornothingof merit. Contentirrelevant andinaccurate. isdemonstrated. Coversmanyrelevantpoints.points.Someinaccuracies.inaccurate. Breadth /depthandintegration ofliterature10%Outstanding breadthand depthofliteratureutilised.Outstandingintegrationofliteratureinto work. Excellentbreadth& depthofliteratureutilised.Excellentintegration ofliteratureintowork.Verygoodbreadth& depthofliteratureutilised. Literatureintegrated verywell.Good useofliterature.Depthappropriate to topicbutmoderatebreadth orvice versa.Literatureintegratedinto thecourseworkreasonablywell.Satisfactory use ofliteraturebut limitedin breadthand /ordepth.Uncriticaland citedwithoutcomment.Limitedbreadthand depthLiteraturecitedwithoutcomment.Lacksbreadth &depth.Someliteratureirrelevantto topicarea.Little ornothingof merit.Literatureusedirrelevantto topicarea.Criticalanalysis/evaluationand/orreflectionOutstanding level ofcriticalanalysis/evaluationand/orreflection.Highlydeveloped/Excellentlevel ofcriticalanalysis/evaluation and/orreflectionon issues.Verygoodlevel ofcriticalanalysis/evaluation and/orreflectionbut a fewGood levelof criticalanalysis/evaluationand/orreflectionbut someareascould beSatisfactory level ofcriticalanalysis/evaluationand/orreflection.Limitedevidenceof criticalanalysis/levaluationand/orreflection.ToodescriptiveLacking /inadequatelevel ofanalysis,evaluationand/orreflection.MainlydescriptiveNothingof merit /unsatisfactory levelofanalysis,evaluation and/ orreflection3
55%focusedwork.pointswouldbenefitfromfurtherdevelopment. expandedon further. in parts... Whollydescriptive.Presentation ofreferences5%Recommendedreferencing systemused withnoinaccuracies orinconsistenciesnoted.Recommendedreferencingsystemused withvery few(minor)inaccuracies and/orinconsistencies.Recommendedreferencingsystemused withfewinaccuracies and/orinconsistencies.Recommendedreferencing systemused butoccasionalinaccuracies and/orinconsistenciesnoted.An attemptto use therecommendedreferencing systembut severalinaccuracies and/orinconsistenciesnoted.An attemptto use therecommendedreferencing systembut manyinaccuracies and/orinconsistenciesnoted.An attemptto use therecommendedreferencing systembutnumerouserrorsnoted andinconsistentlyapplied.Little ornoattemptto use therecommendedreferencingsystemStrengths Areas for developmentGeneral feedback / additional comments
Academic Skills AdvicePlease remember there are lots of useful resources to support your academic skills development on theAcademic Skills Advice site. Learning outcomes achieved:Yes / NoWithin word count limit: Yes / NoProvisional weighted/overall mark (before application of penalties):Note: All marks are provisional until the Board of Examiners has ratified them. Marked by: Late Submissions: First submission coursework which is submitted up to one (1) week after thepublished deadline date and time will receive a maximum numeric grade of 40 if at level 4, 5 or6, and a maximum numeric grade of 50 if at level 7. This includes deferred coursework. Secondsubmission (referred) coursework submitted after the published deadline date and time will beawarded a zero. Referred or Re-enrolled Submissions: Referred and re-enrolled coursework will receive theactual grade achieved, along with a status code of P(40) if at level 4, 5 or 6, and a status code of(P50) if at level 7, i.e. the grade is capped for classification purposes only. Provisional Marks: All marks are provisional until ratified by the relevant Board of Examiners. 5
Marking and Moderation: All marking and moderation procedures are governed and guided bythe current University’s Policies and Regulations.Reflection on LearningPlease consider the learning you have achieved while working on this project and how you haveapplied the feedback you have been given. For example:What previous feedback have you been given and how have you used it to inform andimprove this assessment? What have you learned in this assessment that you intend to apply to your practice andhow will you demonstrate this? Keep your feedback and reflection in a file/portfolio as evidence of your professionaldevelopment.

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