Acquisition in Organisation and Its Factors : Report

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Executive summaryThe report is based on that how does the acquisition cab take place between the twoorganisation and what are the different factors which need to be considered when one venture isacquiring other one. The report state that a holding company have acquired the venture A, inorder to make the larger organisation and focus on the value of all the stakeholders. The holdingcompany have change the shape and size of their organisation structure by removing 500employees from the business. This have transformed the business of holding company and wellas their policies and procedure of the venture have also being changed. The report is going tocover the different aspect of acquisition such as leadership, operations, information systems andfinance, human resource management, activities, policies, rules, regulations, marketing etc.The report that it was not easy task for the holding company to acquire venture A. otherthan that it also communicate that there are several factors which need to be considered by theholding as well as subsidiary company at the time of planning and execution of acquisition.Venture A was a 200 year old massive engineering venture which was having its production partin different countries such as in India, China, USA and UK as well. The venture used toimplement the transformational and democratic type of leadership style wherein all theemployees are free to give their ideas and suggestion when the venture is making any decision.On the other hand venture need to improve their decision making process so that effectivealternative can be seleted.
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