Evaluation and Reflection on Cross-Cultural Communication


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Evaluation and Reflection
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I am really happy after doing this assignment as I came to know several important aspects
of cross-cultural communication. I have learned that there are two sets of people in my culture
like every other culture around the world. Some are the age-old orthodox people who do not
really understand the importance of communicating with people from other cultures. On the
other hand, there are also many other people like us who are trying to come up with many new
and innovative ideas.
As a part of this project, I got the opportunity of communicating and interacting with
people belongs to several other cultures. I felt that one of my greatest strength was being a quick
learner. I have an undying quest for learning new things. So interacting with people belonging
from totally new and a different cultural background really helped me to gain new insight about
the world. I came to know about the difference between thoughts, ideas, religious practices, and
languages and also many other such parameters that exist between people. However, I also
realized some of my weaknesses as well.
I was at times becoming nervous and was not sure about my speech. I had this fear that
perhaps I will be saying something incorrect (maybe knowingly or unknowable) which might
hurt the sentiments and the emotions of people belonging from other culture and religious
backgrounds. The other problem I was facing was a lack of patience. As this entire project was
really very new for me, I felt that I was becoming very restless.
It was in the later part of my assignment that I realized this can have a negative impact on
my current and future career as well. This is because I will have to deal with many different
people after stepping into my professional career. I need to be patient and deal with all of them in
a calm and organized manner. I have decided to take the help of a translator in the initial days
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