Cross Cultural Management Assignment and Case Study

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Cross Cultural1
It is essential for a country to analyse the differences between host and domestic countryin order to devise effective strategies which can reconcile them adequately (Olivier-Pijpers andet. al., 2018). The present assignment is based upon KATHMANDU Ltd., which is an Australiancompany, seeking to gain entry into Thailand and South Africa by opening up subsidiaries there.In this regard, company is making use of two most important dimensions of Hostede’s culturalmodel. This is a framework which is used to gain knowledge of the culture of a nation. Belowmentioned is the cultural insight of South Africa and Thailand on the basis of 2 importantfactors.MASCULINITYA high score of Masculinity depicts that society is largely driven by rivalry,accomplishment and success (Barbaranelli and et. al., 2019).South Africa maintains a score of 63 in terms of this dimension and therefore can be saidto be a Masculine country. This implies that people in this country sustain so as to carry outwork, manager here is expected to be assertive as well as decisive, focus in this nation is uponequity, rivalry and outcome and lastly issues are here solved by fighting them out (Hofstede'sInsight,2019).Thailand has a score of 34 is therefore regarded as a Feminine nation. Thailand maintainsthe lowest score in terms of this dimension amidst the average of 53 of Asian nations and 50 ofcountries across the globe (Hofstede's Insight,2019). This implies that people of this nation areless assertive as well as competitive. It reinstates more of conventional masculine and feminineroles in population.LONG TERM ORIENTATIONThis is yet another significant dimension of Hofstede cultural model which provides adescription of the manner in which society maintains link with past when tackling issues offuture as well as present. The nation which has a low score upon this maintains a time-honouredtradition and norm and thereby views societal changes with doubt. In contrast to this, the highscorers take initiatives within modern academics as a manner to do preparation for context offuturistic time (Hunter, 2018).SA maintains a low score of 34 and 32 of Thailand. This implies that both the societiesmaintain a normative approach (Hofstede's Insight,2019). Personnel who are part of thesenations are stringent on establishment of absolute Truth. The people of such places are known to2
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