Cross Cultural Paper | American Culture and Greeks

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Cross Cultural Paper
IntroductionIn this present paper, we will discuss the comparison of American culture in the twenty-firstcentury with another culture, namely, Greeks in terms of responding to the elderly and agingprocess. The American culture in mainly western but it is influenced by the Native American,Latin American, Polynesian, and African. The country has its own culture and socialcharacteristics, for example, arts, music, cuisine, habits, and others (Landy et al., 2016).Comparison of American and Japanese culture in 21stcenturyThe culture of America in independent due to which the individuals separated from their oldones in order to achieve personal goals and objectives of their lives whereas the culture of Japanis independent due to which they are socially connected with each other.Response of aging processThe cultures play an important role in the aging process and the cultural beliefs towards theaging process impacts on the lives of an individual. There is a different perception of agingacross the cultures. The proactive measures are taken by the Americans in order to reverse theaging process whereas the reactive approach is used in the Japanese culture. The aging has morebenign meaning in the Japanese culture than the American Culture (Barney et al., 2013).According to the field of social gerontology, the Americans are more discomfort with the agingprocess whereas the Japanese considered the aging as the relax time of time and they enjoy afterretirement benefits.
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