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CSIS 294: PROJECT 21.SUMMARYThis project will simulate communicating with a drone that is surveying land for information (part 1) and then provide a portal for drone data storage in a database as well as reviewing summarized data results (part 2). The target of the Drone Recon data collection is your choice. Suggestions include:-Agriculture-Forest-Wildlife-Search and Rescue-MilitaryThis project will involve the following:-JSP-Servlets-REST Web services-JSON-HTML-Databases2.DETAILSPart 1 – DRONE Communication: Data collection and guidancea.Zip file provided... Files provided in zip file:i.dronerecon/drone_launch.jsp (needs code added by you)ii.dronerecon/drone_sim.jsp (needs code added by you)iii.dronerecon/js/dronesim.jsiv.dronerecon/js/jquery.min.jsv.dronerecon/js/webservice_client.jsb.The “dronerecon” folder should be placed in the “webapps” folder in your Tomcat installation.c.Fill in the drone_sim.jsp and drone_launch.jsp template code that is provided.i.Simply look for places where to adjust code marked with ########.d.DroneDataService.javai.This is a servlet that provides a RESTful web service to the drone_sim.jsp page.ii.The service does all the following:1.Receives last grid tile data from drone and sends data to Drone Recon Portal web service for DB storage (Sending to Drone Recon Portal is in part 2).2.Based on previous tile passed in and grid specs passed in, it returns to the drone that called the next tile to fly over and which direction the drone should be going all in a JSON structured string.iii.The template file for this is provided.iv.This should be done in a class library project and then compiled into a JAR file and put in the “WEB-INF/lib” folder in your web app.

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